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Think money banking
All done for you
Don't always get left with much money

"I can understand what some people are saying but we have been with think money since October 2013 and although we don't have an awful lot to live off of each week I am so happy that they deal with everything. I can sleep at night knowing that all my bills are accounted for and recently being on an iva plan it is teaching us a valuable lesson about money and that we now have to think about what we can and can't have. Anyone needing help with control of finances I..." more

by rhendr, 1 month ago1 response

"Please everybody, Don't think about think money,,,,, They will steal your money and block your account if there is big amount. They block my account without any reason, they block online account also. But when i ask them what happen to my account Thats stupid Money Manager can't explain. I request you please don't open bank account with thinkmoney"

by mhasan, 1 month ago2 responses
DoDgyy, Dodgyyyyy....
there is nothing positive about think money.

"This is, they have cheated with me. i borrow money form my friend 1000pound, and i explain the reason. BUT Think money can't explain me the reason for holding my money......... I can speak to money manager on 0845.... number. but there is nothing they can explain. I'll really appreciate if you do not open account with. Specially if you have high pressure or high Sugar."

by esn121, 1 month ago2 responses

"I have been with think money for 3 yrs and have no problems untill today!!!! well went to the shops put my card in machine and my accounts been blocked for no reason at all.......i keep ringing and all i get is services are down which i know there not because my 3 friends have the same account and are still up running............just getting palmed off so my money has gone and cant do anything about it"

by kerriann, 23 Jul 20133 responses

"Excellent service all the way!!!"

by derekmu64, 3 Jul 2013
Think money account
Great staff, feel in control of my money
No separate savings account

"Fabulous customer service. Easy to navigate online."

by posh12, 28 Jun 2013

"they charge me £14.50 for having the account and the phone number to get in touch with them is 0844 and very expensive"

by opallady, 27 Jun 2013
Think money will block your account and steal your money
Cheaper no nonsense account
They will BLOCK your account with NO reason given and unhelpful staff.

"I opened an account with think money and thought i'd done the right late/overdraft fees etc and it was cheaper to run compared with my last bank. However my direct debits became a problem with one being paid intermittently and the other NEVER...i'm now three months behind on my personal insurance as they don't take payments over the phone. I recently had a sum of money deposited into my account and promptly had my account BLOCKED with NO access via web...." more

by maxcat, 21 May 20131 response

"My husband had a stroke a few weeks ago, he was trying to check his wage had been paid into bank on telephone keypad as he pressed the wrong key tb security steps up,I told her my husband had lost his speech and couldnt communicate, to which she said she needed to speak with him, three times this jobsworth asked to speak to my husband so passed him the phone and he just murmured down the phone,he is a proud man and it was heartbreaking to be part of,she was so rude..." more

by colet46, 14 May 20131 response
Think money terrible company do not use them
Awful customer service, 10 day complaint proceedure is a joke,

"On 12th Dec 2012 my partner transferred from his Think account £1600 to my Barclays account, it never arrived. 9 weeks later we STILL have had no resolution other than 'the money is in our (THINK) holding account' We have made over 30 phone calls, an official complaint, logged it with the financial ombudsman and it looks like now we will have to take THINK MONEY to the small claims court. Customer service is non existant DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY"

by missmintcake, 14 Feb 2013

"Was sick to the back teeth of big banks who were uninterested in helping me get back on my feet with endless charges for going overdrawn. All they did was kick me when i was down. Think banking have turned my finances around and got me back on my feet. Cant believe some of the reviews im reading on here. Would recommend them to anyone. As i get paid every 4 weeks and my bills go out once a month my outgoing money is different every time. I had to sit down and plan..." more

by paultaylor, 17 Sep 2012
Think Banking, The way ahead :)
Pretty much everything.
On rare occasions, certain atm's wont allow you to withdraw money.

"Well, i have been with them for about 2 years now and apart from a couple of very easily solvable glitches, never had a serious problem. If you get money sent to your account and have not notified them, simply text to their text number that you want to change something and you get a call back from them (tis what i do) When Natwest and RBS had their problems, i didnt get my wages put in my account so i informed TB who transferred money over which i managed to get..." more

by edross14, 20 Jul 2012

"Think banking have been excellent throughout my time of banking with them. I needed to put my finances back in order and know that i could speak with someone In think banking that understood my personal situation without embarrassment. We have become a nation of complainers and it's about time praise is given more often. With the RBS situation recently thinking banking has been Brilliant throughout. Thank you."

by Sennen1000, 29 Jun 20121 response

"They are utterly useless. The idea of 2 accounts is great but it NEVER works. They are unable to ever transfer the correct amount over to your card account. They do not hold the correct monies from the correct receipts EVER. You have to wait on the phone an average of 15-30 mins before you van speak to an advisor. In the RBS issue they were a disgrace and left myself and 3 children with NO MONEY AT ALL for 5 days. The extra telephone support line was constantly..." more

by Binny, 27 Jun 2012

"thinkbanking durijng the RBS crisis have been dreadful Customers have had no timescale as to when they will be able to access their money I think customers ought to know if they are bottom of the pecking list I am expecting three credits none of which have reached my account I have payments going out, including a transfer to my husband to pay the mortgage Are thinkbanking going to honour my payments? Their patronising Money Managers can't be contacted I wanted to..." more

by corinne60, 26 Jun 20121 response
Think Banking is awful - not a bank.
They sometimes obey their own rules, but not the banking ones.

"They charge to open an account, then more every month to run it. When money is transferred from an external account using CHAPS, it is supposed to be available within 2 hours, but these clowns can't even get it cleared overnight. I notice that it's run by the famously bankrupt RBS. Don't touch them with a bargepole - you're better off living with cash."

by machants, 31 May 20126 responses
Thinkbanking - A true blessing
You take control of your finances with the help of a money manager.

"Have had my account with them for quite a while now. As I suffer from Mental Health issues, i found my self in the viscous cycle of not managing my money well, getting lots of bounced direct debits and payments etc. Thinkbanking, sorted this all out for me. Now I have the Salaries account which my wages go into, and all direct debits and standing orders for important payments etc comes out of this account, any surplus is transferred to my card and is for me to..." more

by Nik, 11 Apr 2012
Thinkbanking accounts. DON WASTE YOUR TIME!
Good sales team!
There is no offices in London. Everything has to be done by phone

"It is the only bank service that stops you of using your money. If you get any extra money paid into your account, they retain it in the bill's account and they won't release it until you call them (not to a free number). Then they will ask you why the money was paid, where is it coming from and what are you doing with it!!!!! Meanwhile, they are obviously earning interest in that money and you are loosing. They will make changes without telling you and if you are..." more

by GVM, 16 Mar 201217 responses
Thinkbanking - The Bank Account avaliable to Anyone!
Seperate accounts meaning you can't spend money meant for your bills!!

"After getting into trouble with money in the past, when i was finding it difficult to get a bank account, ThinkBanking were able to offer me one. You get two accounts allocated. The 1st account is where your wages go. Thinkbanking then keep enough money in this account to cover all bills, Direct Debits & Standing Orders that you have told them about and then transfer whatever is left to your 2nd account. Your card account. I love the text facility, as i can obtain..." more

by lindfitz, 23 Feb 2012

"From someone who is terrible with my personal finances, Think Banking is a godsend. They totally take control of everything for you so all the money that is in your 'spending' account is your spending money. All your bills are budgeted and taken care of by them. I am now, for the first time able to manage my money without being able to go overdrawn or get into debt."

by FrostyPoos, 16 Feb 2012
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