HSBC mortgage the best rate in the market

by , 7 Jul 2013
HSBC Mortgages
Best rate
No rearrangement of loan
Recommended by Suresh13

16 years

Customer Service:
Good, I'm happy
Flexibility & Fairness:
Average, could be better
Product Features:
Good, I'm happy
Value For Money:


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May be a good rate... But... Oh my god will they make you sweat for it.... Five and half months.... Thousands of pounds in telephone calls to hsbc "service" centre.... And countrywide - their lawyers who seem more like divorce lawyers than anything else... Sending additional requests for information - after 5 weeks of communications between our solicitors and theirs... At 4:50pm on Friday.... Thats lovely tactics isnt it....lots of time to seek the replies?

Never ever be lulled into getting a mortgage with HSBC!

by mlb196, 16 Jul 2013

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