NRAM Lies and they dont like to communicate with their customers

by , 10 Jun 2013
dont communicate with their customers

Despite all the caring words on the website, if you do run into problems with your mortgage payments, they dont want to know.
I have had an email and 2 letters completely ignored, the staff on the phones either dont know what they are talking about or tell you lies.
We are making our monthly payments, but recently had a letter for 59p arrears!!!
I get the feeling that NRAM are just waiting for people to fall into difficulty so they can pounce and repossess.
Anyone with NRAM are only there because they cant move lenders. No one would be there through choice......

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Regarding nram - we moved house and nram refused us
a transfer ofmortgage despite them promsing we could
transer - and we were to toslly reliable customers without
any bad debt whatsoever.. when my husband rang them they
were completely off hand - after allthese years they just didn't
give a hoot

by nkearn, 11 Jun 2013

Our mortgage still has 20 years to run, we cant go anywhere else because our LTV is too high. I'm hoping in a few years when this comes down to switch lender. Ive no idea why we were put with NRAM when the dividing of business happened because we've always paid on time and never been in arrears.

by nicola31, 11 Jun 2013

Im usually a very calm person but find talking to NRAM staff very frustrating. They dont seem to have the intelligence to realise that every customer is different and has a different income and outgoings. They were telling us to make figures up just so they could fill a box on some onscreen form!! I have no idea where the 59p arrears came from, I was going to ring them and find out, but decided i wasnt going to put myself through that ordeal and just sent an online payment!!

by nicola31, 11 Jun 2013
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