Hi every one regarding SGL NO 2 ACCOUNT swinton insurance company

by , 9 Jun 2013

Just to let you know I was caught out with this scam and unfortunately I thought this direct debit was for my free phone number line rental blah blah. However out of being curious I decided to type in google the above account name. And it came up with this. I phoned my bank just now and it goes back from 2008 at a cost of £7.99 phew. Im lucky as the bank is going to put this money back into my account in the next couple of days all £767.04p. But they advised me I could go into swinton and spk with them or go ahead and receive the money back with them. So I said I wanted the money back and for them to reimburse me which they will do as mentioned. However she did say that this may effect my car insurance which I replied to be honest I don't want to be with them anymore if people like this can do this. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS AND DONT LEAVE LIKE I DID TO LONG LUCKY IM GETTING THIS BACK.

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I fail to see why the bank will repay you. Please let us know if they do repay you, and I, for one, will be surprised!

by greydo, 9 Jun 2013

with nationwide im protected with direct debit. She said this wasn't the first time this has happened. This was falsely taken from my account. I never received no paper work or was I even spoken nothing about this from Swindon. I have car insurance with Swindon as of now but will be cancelling that to as well. The 7.99 taken from my account was for insurance for breakdown and house insurance. I have house insurance and I have the AA breakdown cover which clearly states in my direct debit so why would I want there insurance or breakdown cover. I signed for nothing apart from car insurance that was it.. So personally who gives these the right to just take what they wish? You are covered for 6 years on direct debit check with your bank they will tell you this. I will be refunded she said what it was called under something protection and they will be taken the money from swinton insurance and will be in my bank in the next couple of days. I will let you know however I wont be the first to be paid as others on here have been also.

by darkdestroyer, 9 Jun 2013

The Direct Debit Guarantee- I had forgotten this! I really hope you do get all money duly returned, and thank you for your update!

by greydo, 9 Jun 2013

money put back into account after 2 days. Learnt my lesson on this one. Advise check if you use swinton. Especially look out for the dreaded SGL NO 2 ACCOUNT.

by darkdestroyer, 12 Jun 2013

What a good result! Well Done!! Thank you for letting us know!

by greydo, 12 Jun 2013
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