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by , 26 Oct 2012
BT Broadband
Reliability in good times
patronising customer service and trifty problem resolution option
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Having BT broadband amongst the rest (except Virgin) is like the proverbial rock and a hard place. I've been with BT for over 10yrs and the service is comparatively reliable. However, should you run into difficulties as I've recently done, you'll wonder why I have put up with them all these while.

For the past 1 year, my broadband (option 3 - highest option before infinity) has been disconnecting,whenever I make call from the landline or receive call; leading to loss in web activities etc. I've complained for that period of time but not regularly as I was studying - until recently. Strangely they only recollected my most recent complaint when they offered to compensate me without fixing the problem (that's £4 for 2 months)!

I asked for the Hub to be replaced as they finally blamed the hub (2008) for being too old. They said I'll have it free but on signing of a new contract (which is not free) or buy a new one for £99.

I declined this con and demanded they fix the hub or move me to infinity at lower cost as a compromise. I'm now complaining in writing and may progress this to their Ombudsman. As previously mentioned in the forum, it is harder to see a BT engineer than see God. I've asked for them to come down to my house and see what I've been puting up with.Not a chance!

Nonetheless, the connection is superb save for this irriattating drops in connection when I call, receive or end call. I'll like to stick with them as no real alternative exists without using their landline. I do not have Virgin in my area - the real alternative

Customer Service:
Poor, could be greatly improved
Flexibility & Fairness:
Product Features:
Average, could be better
Value For Money:
Average, could be better


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We have the same fault it is a problem with the line it uses a lot to get the phone to ring and causes the broadband line to drop out. We are demented as it is an area fault with the cable after 4 years of faults appx 3 times a year we are fed up. No compensation so far it also affects our neighbors in one case they have ripped out everything and rely on mobiles.

by Loveranc, 30 Oct 2012

I moved to Virgin a week ago, and I am already looking th leave. Their customer care is non-existent, they leave on hold, they cannot find your account and their engineers don't turn up for appointments.

by connba, 4 Nov 2012

Not sure how to proceed if Virgin is not all I had believed. Like I said, I'll go for BT infinity at a good price rather than sign a new contract to get a new hub for the existing option.No real alternative exists in phone business or energy business. We have been conned and either call their bluffs and stop using their services or we try and live with it in a compromised way..

by Rage, 25 Nov 2012
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