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by , 24 Oct 2012

My family and I have had the worst ever experience with a company called I have now passed the issue onto the independent Financial Ombudsman. This company is a Credit Broker. I refrain from writing more in regards to our negative experience. We have contacted a lawyer,MP, media and other sources of complaint. Here's to a successful resolve for us. Never again!

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I was also duped by this company they took 49.99 from my account despite my telling them i would need 24 hours to think about it.despite phoning and sending emails i get no response thinking of involving police

by manet, 10 Nov 2012

We just had the same experience. Not only the "membership" charge (we never asked for), but also the multitude of cell phone charges for being on the phone with them, as well as outrageous text charges.

by jefferson66, 17 Dec 2012

Cowboys who try to justify their chargesv, they are rip offs and then they call you a liar

by deskbo, 7 Jan 2013

typical like everyone else is saying above & I agree with them all, loans 4 u ask you this that & the other, you obviously want to know what the payments are going to be, they wont answer that until you've given your card details & paid the £49.99 up front, well out of order, they tell you aaahhhhh you are 101% accepted for the loan, wot a load of crap.

by itsme2, 25 Mar 2013

They got me too, except I didn't even MAKE the application. I was the victim of ID Theft, and lost £69.75 from my bank account. Initially I wasn't going to get it back - until I went to speak to my solicitor.

One 8 minute telephone call later, and the threat of being referred to the consumer credit association and the office of fair trading, as well as being sued, and I had my £69.75 back in my bank account.

That's the fastest way to get a response - if you get little or no aid, set a solicitor on them - they realize that way that they're in the deepest of deep doo-doo and heading for the cesspit.

by chasworth39, 6 Apr 2013

Yes they took £49.99 from my bank acount i said i didn't want the loan but 10 days later they stole the money anyway now they say its not them even thou my bank gave me their phone number loans direct u.k. i will not rest untill they pay it back

by mandy4071, 24 Apr 2013

Absolute rip off.. Do not touch with a barge pole. using this company they make it appear as if you have been accepted for a loan with them then tell you they will debit £69.75. In fact all they do is sell your telephone number to loan companies who then send you endless text messages and calls. I applied immedialtey for a refund which was a carry on to get and they only offered me £49.00 back as they is a £15.00 credit clearing fee and £1 a day charge for being a member and having access to the account - YOU NEED ACCES TO THE ACCOUNT FOR THEM TO PROCESS THE REFUND. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE! FEEL CONNED AND LET DOWN PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS COMPANY - CON ARTISTS PREYING ON PEOPLE IN FINANCIAL HARDSHIP

by K1102, 20 Feb 2014

i was also conned they took £69.74 after telling them i DIDNT want a loan they kept harrassing me for days and begging me to have a loan now they will not give me a refund ive rung them 3 times first guy was rude to me and other 2 was abit aswell.. then i emailed more than 3 times still not reply

by emma111, 5 months ago

them idiots took £69.74 from me even though i basically told them i dont want a loan they kept ringing begging me to have one i said no yet they still steal my money i rung 3 times and they was rude kept transferring me to other loan companys ive emailed more than 3 times still no reply!! im getting my money back the tramps!!

by emma111, 5 months ago
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