Santander 123 account and credit card

by , 30 Sep 2012
Santander Current Accounts
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I was always a little suspicious of the Santander 123 offer it sounds too goo to be true and I was looking for a catch.

So month one over and all the usual direct debits have been paid and they gave me £20 for doing so, then without any changes to the account or need to reapply they are giving me 1% back on my mortgage payments so by Christmas I will have earned £110 so I simply do not see why anyone who pays monthly bills would not have this account.

The ebanking app and iPhone app are great and I have had nothing but great service from their call centres throughout the UK.

I haven't got my 123 credit card statement yet however I think I have added approx £12 to my monthly cash back.

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I have had this 123 account for several months, and it is great. I haven't gone for the credit card, though, because I don't have a mortgage and my petrol consumption is too low to make it financially viable, particularly as although I believe it is free pro tem, it is going to be charged after 6 months.

by dejayr, 30 Sep 2012

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