Halifax ultimate reward current account

by , 22 Sep 2012
Halifax Current Accounts
Replaced cards when abroad and sent to a hotel really helpful
Phone insurance a rip off

Everyone goes on about you get a fiver every month, but you don't. If you pay in £1k+ you simply get £5 off the £15 fee so pay £10 per month. Features aren't fabulous unless you have a car. Make sure you read the ts&cs carefully. Claimed on mobile insurance last year they repaired my phone for £25. funnily enough a month later it went up to £100 per claim. 4 months after they repaired the phone. It completely stopped working. Called them up only to be told you should have told us within 2 weeks of your claim, and I would have to pay £100 to claim again as I've got an iPhone. Forget that went to apple and traded my broken handset in for a new phone same model for £114 with 3 months warranty. Will not claim again (but I guess they want us to do that but still pay for the 'reward' and considering moving banks because of it.

Customer Service:
Good, I'm happy
Flexibility & Fairness:
Average, could be better
Product Features:
Average, could be better
Value For Money:
Poor, could be greatly improved


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hi Sophie 87
the halifax .reward account pays you £5 a month after tax,providing you pay in £1000 a month.
the ultimate reward account ,you pay them £10 a month providing you pay in £1000 a month.if your not happy with them write to them stating your grievances,if you can find a mistake they made ,make it a complaint.they don't like complaints.
I made a complaint to them for not recieving a investment cirt.and got £80 for the inconvenience it caused me.

by blea, 22 Sep 2012

Thanks for this however I am reviewing the ultimate reward and not the reward current account in which you don't get the £5. Would be nice if you did :)

by sophie87, 23 Sep 2012
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