Rip off cancellation fees.

by , 11 Sep 2012
Customer service their lowest priority.

I cancelled my home insurance policy on 1st September and was told to pay a cancellation fee (more than three months' payments) by 11th September. I then received a letter dated 6th September threatening to use a debt collection agency if I didn't pay the 'overdue' amount (including another £11 added on). Avoid at all costs they care nothing for their customers. Their overseas call centre quoted me one figure and date and their office in UK made up a different story.

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Welcome, Shocked1 ! I expect you were shocked at the money grabbers, and the scare tactics employed. We should make a list of companies who it is unwise to use.

by greydo, 11 Sep 2012

What an excellent idea , greydo .
It will be a very long list , but I'm up for it !
Let's do it .

by nadge, 21 Nov 2012
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Right, nadge:- here we go!!
Number 1 to avoid or boycott :- Talk Talk.

by greydo, 21 Nov 2012

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