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by , 11 Feb 2012
Lloyds Bank Mortgage Protection Insurance
LLoyds TSB should be prosecuted for unethical practises

I phoned LLoyds TSB regarding my PPI insurance about 10 weeks ago and that call took over 2 hours to get through - I phoned yesterday because I had not received my acknowledgement in the post within the 5 working days as promised and should have been due for the offer within the next two weeks.

No surprise when the agent told me there was NOTHING on record that I had phoned! I have the record - 15 phonecalls and two hours worth of chargeable calls! NOT their problem!

Supposedly now I am a "recorded" and "comment attached" person so my claim will be dealt with.

Interesting that they told me that Lloyds TSB are a bank that only mis-sold a FEW policies and therefore (unlike other banks) they had to investigate FULLY absolutely every claim. I have heard the same story from other banks who have responded amicably with an offer and cheque enclosed within two weeks. NOT LLOYDS TSB - they ignore your first call completely and then say WHY are you claiming and YOU probably wont be successful as we WILL assess your claim completely.

well, Having been sold this insurance that will ensure my debts to this bank WOULD be paid when I was unemployed, I ATTEMPTED to claim and was told I was not elligible to claim due to various reasons I had NOT been told. I now await another period on non-action by LLoyds TSB - Next step Ombudsman - they dont have much time left

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