Santander - current account and credit card, not a given.

by , 25 Feb 2012
Santander Credit Cards
ease to switch current account and of course the 100
no information given for the reason of declining the credit card
Recommended by apasieb

I received great customer service at the Didsbury branch. I wanted to switch my banking as I'm after a credit card and thought it best to keep everything in the one place.

Santander opened my current account quickly, advised they will do all the work with regards to switching my direct debits and then give me ?100 in 13 weeks time. I was also told that the credit card comes as a package and so given I passed the credit search for my overdraft they wouldn't need to do another for the credit card.

Unfortunately, the request for a credit card switch was declined and they couldn't tell me why. I've checked my credit rating on equifax and it's all clear. It's so frustrating because I don't understand why I'm getting declined. I have never missed a payment.

Santander advised they need to see how I conduct my banking and I can reapply in 6 months. I'm still glad I switched my current account but wish it was as easy with credit cards.

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