Santander 123 Card - the honeytrap

by , 25 Feb 2012
Santander Credit Cards
great rewards on 3 types of purchases
no rewards on other purchases, charge for holding the card
Recommended by H Harris

Santander 123 Credit Card offers 1% off supermarket purchases, 2% off department store purchases and 3% off fuel. However there is a charge for this account.

Ideal for families who have large food bills and purchase a lot of clothes etc, as well as doing a lot of mileage travelling to work and taking the kids to school, but not so good for pensioners like myself as it gives no rewards on any other purchases and there is the charge for holding the card. Best to use it with another card for purchases which do not qualify for any rewards from Santander 123.

Customer Service:
Average, could be better
Flexibility & Fairness:
Average, could be better
Product Features:
Average, could be better
Value For Money:
Average, could be better


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