LloydsTsb Gold current account has worthwhile perks

by , 25 Feb 2012
Lloyds Bank Current Accounts
Includes worldwide travel insurance for 2 people
a monthly 12.95 fee
Recommended by smithd

I have had a Gold current account with Lloydstsb for years, partly because of the perks it offers. For me, the most useful perk is the "free" worldwide travel insurance for two people, which can continue up to age 80, unlike many other providers who limit to age 70 or even younger. Other useful free perks include AA car breakdown cover. Mobile phone insurance and a card-protection scheme are further perks. Certainly, there is monthly fee for all this of ?12.95, but I believe it is worth it - provided you take holidays abroad, and therefore you actually do need, and maybe even have to use, that travel insurance.
The account can be operated online, and the Lloydstsb software for accessing and using the account I find user-friendly and comprehensive.

Customer Service:
Good, I'm happy
Flexibility & Fairness:
Good, I'm happy
Product Features:
Value For Money:
Average, could be better


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