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by , 23 Feb 2012
Cahoot Current Accounts
Ease of use online
Total lack of customer service.
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I've held a Cahoot bank account and savings account since Abbey launched it as an online only bank. The main benefits: instant access online and it paid a very good rate of interest for a currant account. I could easilly speak to a UK based customer service assistant if necessary.

However over recent yaers things have gone down hill (possibly since Santander took ove Abbey). The current account interest rate has all but disappeared (0.01 I think). It is still easy to run online but the customer services dept. has been moved off-shore and is very poor. It is not their fault that their accent cannot be understood but it can be very frustrating, particularly when their skills are also poor.

Yesterday I discovered an email purporting to come from PayPal. It came from one of my business email addresses I do not use with PayPal and I know that PayPal always address you by your first name so this was obviously a scam phishing email. I went through Cahoot online 'contact' and reported the detail. The reply I received only referred to the fact that I do have a DD setup with PayPal but with no referrence to the scam. Why did I bother.

In the 'old days' I would have given Cahoot 5/5 but now barely 3. I am seriously considering moving my account.Ease of use online

Customer Service:
Poor, could be greatly improved
Flexibility & Fairness:
Average, could be better
Product Features:
Average, could be better
Value For Money:
Poor, could be greatly improved


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Phone line asks for Customer id - then tells you you have entered and invalid ID! Your get three chances and none of them works. Application form also doesn't work. Cahoot have had this problem for months. Call centre cannot put you through to anyone who can fix the problems, as they are "not customer facing" You can say
that again!

by Pierre22, 9 Jul 2012

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