NRAM - formerly Northern Rock

by , 23 Feb 2012
Northern Rock Mortgages
All mortgages are on the UK's highest SVR with no other products

This is a Government owned company ie owned by us the tax payer ! They offer no products for their mortgages except a standard variable rate which is currently 6.29% - nearly double the % of most UK lenders
Most of NRAMs customers cannot move to another institution as their circumstances have changed or their credit ratings are not unblemished - many through not fault of their own
The directors of NRAM should be jailed for fraud and deception as far as I am concerned, because they do nothing but rip people off !
Many of NRAMs customers have arrears and despite the government continually saying they are helping people you are financially struggling, they charge these high percentage rates

Customer Service:
Average, could be better
Flexibility & Fairness:
Product Features:
Value For Money:


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