Lloyds Bank E saver account and current account.

by , 23 Feb 2012
Lloyds Bank Savings
Simple fast movement of money and a reasonable rate of interest rate.
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Lloyds TSB plc run some very current accounts. My wife and I have a joint Gold Service account which provides us with free travel insurance worldwide up to the age of 80. It also provides free AA breakdown cover plus mobile phone and credit/debit cards insurance. There is no annual or monthly charge providing we keep not less that ?2000 in the account. We pay all our direct debits from this account and there has never been a problem over very many years.

In addition we have an eSavings account which we access through the First Direct's Internet Banking Plus online system. This Banking Plus system is free to anyone - you do not need to have a First Direct Account. You get it online. It enables you to access all your bank/institution accounts regardless of which these are in a very quick and simple way. It enables us to move money in and out of our Lloyds current account to our eSavings account which pays an interest rate of 2.5% calculated daily on the daily balance.This transfer happens within seconds. The eSavings account may not have the best interest rate but it makes life with the aid of the First Direct system very simple. Why not have a savings account with First Direct as well, just as a thank you to them for being so helpful.

The only thing to remember is that the Lloyds interest rate will drop after one year but that is simple to overcome. Just nip into the local Lloyds branch and they will cancel the eSavings account and pass the money the next day into your Current account. You then just go online set up a new eSavings account, transfer the money from the current account into it and you are back with the same facilities for another 12 months.

It may be that the present Lloyds Gold Service account does not match our one, as we have been using Lloyds for a long time, but there are other good Lloyds current accounts to choose from.
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