Virgin Atlantic Credit Card (MBNA)

by , 23 Feb 2012
Virgin Credit Cards
Gain Virgin Atlantic miles as you spend on your card.
Not applicable for balance transfers.
Recommended by Prash

Virgin have a great credit card for people who like to travel on Virgin Atlantic Airways. using their Black Credit Card you can gain up to 4 points (miles) per pound spent on the card. There is an annual fee, but this can with careful negotiation be waived, and if you are a high spender they may be more likely to do this (it isn't guaranteed). The card itself is an AMEX card, so accepted in most places... BUT not everywhere so be warned on this. They also have another card option available with differing interest rates and which can earn you up to 2 points per pound spent on the card. Please note you do not gain miles for balance transfers or cash injections into your current account, only on purchases.

Customer Service:
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Beware beware a £70 annual fee which they don't mention,unbeievable response and they charge interest whilst investigating your complaint,do not touch MBNA

by Beanjar, 25 Jul 2012

funniest customer service experience ever.

Spent 3 minutes fighting my way thru a jungle of an automated voice recog system. When not ignoring me, it was trying to give me an elocution lesson! I was then grilled with 5 security questions!

The reason for my call related to card activation. I asked why it was that my activated card, that I had used at least 3 times, was still showing up online as inactive! The reason I was given: it could take a few days. Damn! I was under the impression we were living in the instant Information Age!

I then decided to provide some feedback on the recog programme. Oh you poor fool! I was presented with the craziest reason I have ever heard! The system is required, otherwise customers would be kept on hold for extended periods. Funny THAT IT TOOK ME 3 MINUTES TO GET THRU IT!

When I pointed out how poor the system is; the advisor confirmed that it was there to disguise the fact that the customer IS ON HOLD FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD...!

Other than that, I was given the information I needed. Thank you Virgin Atlantic.

by DamnFool, 6 Feb 2013

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