NRAM mortgage for first-time buyers

by , 23 Feb 2012
Northern Rock Mortgages
Enabling first-time buyers to get onto the property ladder
High interest rate
Recommended by yellowtulip

I took out the Northern Rock Together Mortgage in 2007 and although there has been much criticism of this kind of mortgage, it did enable first-time buyers with no deposit, such as myself, to get onto the property ladder and out of rented accommodation in a shared house. As long as you keep up your monthly repayments and are not in a hurry to move there is no problem with it. The early repayment charge has now been waived enabling me to hopefully move again in the near future. Customer service is always good when I ring up.

Customer Service:
Flexibility & Fairness:
Good, I'm happy
Product Features:
Good, I'm happy
Value For Money:
Average, could be better


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