Admiral Car Insurance- Unwanted Automatic Renewal

by , 22 Feb 2012
Admiral Car Insurance
Full refund with no disputes to get the money back
Automatically renewing a policy I didn't want and wasn't aware of!

I was pleased with the Car insurance I had received from admiral and the price I was quoted for my second year of driving (well compared to other companies!!) although after taking up the insurance I was bombarded with phone calls to upgrade to extras. It came to renewing my car insurance and I got a letter through with the renewal price- which I managed to beat by almost ?400 by switching and had not thoroughly read through the letter just gawped at the cost! So I took out a policy with another company (which happened to be the sister company of Admiral- Diamond) a few months past and I started receiving letters through the post suggesting that I had 2 lots of insurance on my car- which I thought was rubbish and just discarded them thinking there must have been a mistake.. but 2 or 3 letters later I decided to look more into it and discovered that my insurance had been automatically renewed with Admiral through my mums account- and she hadnt realised that this wasnt what we had agreed as in previous years. I rang Admiral and explained what had happened, they instantly refunded the amount that had come out of my mums account but I was still upset at the fact that they had not been authorised to take the money and had automatically taken the payment for the renewal which I did not want as at no stage had I agreed to the renewal. In the end it was resolved and the money was refunded but what a polava!!

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by bavari, 2 weeks ago

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