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by , 15 Feb 2012
Orange Broadband
International Call package!
The little copper wires - give me fibre optics BT!
Recommended by frenchy77

Orange are not renowned for their customer service, but they did finally do as requested after being led a merry dance..

Having had initial problems which I wont go into but were annoying at the time [and for which I was re-numerated], the service I have received is good.

As Orange use the BT phone lines they are old and made of copper around my way. This impacts upon broadband speed and is nowhere near as fast as the other well known fibre optic supplier that I used to have.
Sometimes it is a nightmare to watch a movie online at peak times as there could be a buffering issue.
I dont use the home phone very often as I have a mobile phone, but if you do want to make a call and be online at the same time, you have to go online first and then make the call. For some reason the little copper wires mentioned before cannot cope if you call first - you wont be able to get an internet connection whilst chatting..

Having said that, I have an Orange mobile phone. As an Orange customer I receive discounted line rental [?5 per month]. This makes my package about ?19 per month.

I also have the international call package which costs ?4 per month for which I [or father the GF] gets unlimited international landline calls.

All of the positives make up for the negatives and then some.

Customer Service:
Average, could be better
Flexibility & Fairness:
Good, I'm happy
Product Features:
Good, I'm happy
Value For Money:


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AVOID FALSE PROMISES OF ORANGE HOMEPHONE: Had old Orange Broadband with my perfectly functioning IBM Windows 98SE laptop. Was offered Orange Homephone by their salesman. Asked THREE times if that would affect my Orange Broadband connection with my old Windows 98SE laptop. Was told it would not.

A total lie! So now I have no broadband connection for my laptop, it cannot be restored, despite wasting eight hours with Orange's "Tec Support" and so I will have to throw away a perfectly good PC and its printer and its scanner plus three older digital cameras that use Windows 98SE.

I would not trust any promise or assurance given by their salespeople. Avoid!

by woolle, 4 Jun 2012

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