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Don't sign up to isupply!
Total lack, and I mean total, of communication.

"I thought I'd switch supplier and chose iSupply on price. Many months later nothing had happened. I tried to call but just couldn't get through. I assumed the application had not gone through. I signed up with another supplier instead, a process that went very smoothly. Then, out of the blue I get an email to say I will be supplied by iSupply. I'm also offered a cooling off period. I respond telling them I do not want them to supply me. In spite of this they keep..." more

by boswage, 2 months ago2 responses
Terrible Customer Service!!
They were the cheapest supplier at the time of signing up with them.
Bad customer service!!!!!

"We signed up with isupply for a one year contract. The transition from our previous supplier was quick (within a couple of weeks). We ended up being over £200 in credit by the end of our third quarter. After sending numerous emails and not getting a reply. I rang them. After several attempts of trying to speak to someone and being asked by an automated response after 5 minutes of being on hold to leave my details and I would be called back (I never received..." more

by meganbr25, 4 months ago5 responses

"They give an attractive price for the first 12 months then increase by a staggering 14% for the next 12 month period."

by richypoor, 5 months ago

"They have set my direct debit too high and in less than 5 months my account, even after my recent bill deduction, is over £200 in credit. But despite 6 voicemails being left on their system (and numerous times of getting to queue position number 1 before being cut off). I have emailed them 6 times and like everyone else is saying, they never respond! Time to switch to another supplier, but alongside that will inevitably come the hassle of disputing a fine..." more

by kdal, 5 months ago

"I have never dealt with an energy company with such dire customer service as isupplyenergy, rang numerous times and despite queuing never got to speak to anyone just an answer phone. Emailed via the website, took 10 days for a reply (which didn't answer my question!). Was switching to them via uswitch and the dd got set up for £13 a month more than the uswitch deal I signed upto and no-one would speak or answer my emails...AVOID AT ALL COSTS!"

by morrisk95, 29 Sep 20131 response
iSupply Energy - No Customer Service
Rubbish Customer Service, No flexible Direct Debit Dates

"Phoned them 3 times - got to position 1 in the queue, cut off once, told to leave a message the other tiwce.They haven't called back yet 9over a month since 1st call). I used their website to send 3 messages - still waiting for a response to any of them. I only want to cahnge the direct debit."

by cubsprout19, 25 Sep 20132 responses

"Excellent Company to deal with."

by tresco, 27 Jun 20133 responses
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