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TD Direct Investing
Generally they execute your deals on time and accurately
No customer focus so complaints are most unwelcome

"Their website has a 'wooden' feel to it i.e. unresponsive and clunky. Their dodgy IT system didn't allow me to withdraw cash from my account online; later when they told me they had fixed it, I had the same problem getting my cash out. They also gave me misleading advice on how to convert stock."

by bryanjeff, 5 months ago

"I invested a modest sum (£5,000) in US stocks through TD. They stung me on the exchange rate when I bought the stocks, and again when I sold them. Admittedly, I bought when the pound was weak, and sold when it was strong, which worked against me, but only by around 5% or so. Despite the value of my stocks increasing almost 25% while I held them, I made almost no profit at all after TD's trading charges, exchange rates and inactivity charges were taken into..." more

by DoctorDee, 9 Oct 20131 response

"DO NOT TOUCH TD DIRECT INVESTING. After 5 years of poor service I was finally locked out of my account simply because I could not prove my identity. They have known me for 5 years and then all of a sudden I received a series of letter asking me to prove where I live. I was on holiday and id not reply quickly enough, so they locked me out 3 weeks ago and I still do not have access to my account. DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT"

by arfawk, 9 Sep 2013

"Expensive, poor internet service. 14th July still no statement from last month. I complain, they say I don't know why you need a statement! Various other service problems - website not functioning properly - sometimes just displays lines of code. They have misleading quotes for exchange rate services - they advertise derivative currency spreads on the share dealing site, even though it is not at all applicable. Currency spreads are 1.2% in fact - VERY difficult to..." more

by fgh82, 14 Jul 2013

"Good managers and fund was wisely tipped by expert."

by pittmy, 27 Jun 2013
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TD Direct Investing Reviews