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Illiterate staff
Argumentative and rude staff
Cannot speak English

"I recently opened an account with this farcical bank and due to numerous errors on my account, I had to deal with the some ninkumpoop who calls himself a 'team leader'. Not only did he argue with me over an error which the bank had made but he also spoke as if he had never been to school. He referred to my wife and I as 'use two' which left me wondering whether he was referring to ewes on a farm or whether he was pluralising the word 'you' because he is..." more

by Ericsmith, 3 weeks ago2 responses

"I had a kitchen installed and ended up having these clowns as the finance company. I rang up to increase my monthly payments and was spoken to by rude staff demanding to know " where are you getting the money to pay more each month ?" When I queried this I was told it was company policy and my increase would not be accepted unless I told them. If this is how they treat people who want to pay more , I have serious concerns on how they treat any poor soul..." more

by notfooled, 3 months ago

"Opened 5 year Bond in June 13 and could not fault efficiency and service. Opened 2 year bond in December 13 and efficiency and service in complete meltdown. Do not answer phone or e-mails and the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Are they expanding too fast and getting too big for their boots?"

by yeta, 3 months ago

"Having gone through the online procedure to open a 2-year bond, I have been trying for 3 days to get some phone help with online registration of my account. A recorded message is all I get. Not the kind of service to reassure new customers."

by nickbri92, 3 months ago

"This is a real mickey mouse outfit. I tried to open a 2 year fixed rate bond with them and they insisted I sent a cheque rather than direct debit. They then sent me an email saying my account was open and I could log in on-line. However, the on-line service simply says unavailable and has done so for 2 days. They do not answer the telephone. All you get is a recorded message. Avoid this lot like the plague. If I could give them negative stars I would."

by wmbd, 3 months ago2 responses

"I tried to open a savings account on line. After completing the forms etc . I got the response ' you will be contacted within 5 working days regarding your application'. I wasn't contacted within that time so I tried to call several times only to get the message all lines are busy please try later."

by gjr, 3 months ago
Shawbrook Bank- Secured Loan
speed, price and customer service

"I have just completed a secured loan via a broker called Beech Finance, Beech sent the documents out at the beginning of December and I have received the money yesterday via bank transfer, no stress at all despite my Mortgage company delaying the case, I'm very happy and will use both again in the future if need be, I had previously been turned down by my Mortgage company despite being with them for the past 20 years, I had a bit of bad credit from a couple of..." more

by cavort, 3 months ago

"I am a property professional for nearly thirty years and I have never seen such incompetence before. I am still fuming over this fiasco and am seeking compensation for my expenses to date over this. I only wanted to borrow £30,000 on a secured loan to extend house which I wanted to pay off quickly. (Nationwide wanted to change my mortgage from interest only to a repayment loan ) I started in April with Shawbrook via a brokering firm and after endless..." more

by jeremy37, 4 months ago1 response

"I had some home improvements done and the company used Shaw Brook for their loans. Before this I had never heard of Shaw Brook and I hope I never hear of them again. Their customer service department is poor, the only positive is that they messed up and forgot to send their agreement and we paid up in full."

by Josh1962, 4 months ago

"Tried to invest with Shawbrook today. The security questions were the oddest I have encountered; name of your favourite school teacher and first name of your favourite historical character but the killer was that the names had to be at least 8 characters long. Never had such a problem with any other investment. Gave up and will put my money elsewhere."

by theledger, 5 months ago

"Looking through the reviews of Shawbrook Bank I disagree with all the negative feedback. When calling the bank and getting through to an operator straight away to request an application pack (came the next day) I was amazed how quick the pack came. I sent the application back the same day and I received my welcome pack three days letter. I made a BACS transfer any received a receipt a few days later. Overall this bank operates quick any easy. Delighted to have with..." more

by vikki38, 25 Sep 20132 responses
Shawbrook mortgage
Cheap rates
They don't deliver - waste of time

"I am a property professional & I was looking for a short term mortgage/bridging loan of £100k, (less thank 20% LTV!)my financial advisor pointed me towards Shawbrook bank, the whole process has been painfully slow - endless question from there tick box solicitor - pointless restrictions 2 months from there offer still no sign of the money. Don't get sucked in by the low rates - a awful bank to do business with. Avoid!!!"

by Mazniky, 6 Aug 2013
Fixed Rate Bonds
Easy to use website
Not widely known

"Excellent rates."

by bobo_b, 28 Jun 2013

"good rates and paperlite transactions"

by marty69, 18 Jun 2013

"Opened account with cheque at the end of July 2011 and received letter dated the 16th of August confirming account opened 5th of August. Had regular updates at year end Dec 31st 2011 & 12 with interest added. I would recommend Shawbrook to any potential customer wishing to invest long term."

by alandv, 3 Jun 2013
Product Withdrawn After Account Opened
You must be kidding
Do I need to put something here

"So, I apply for a 95-day notice savings account with Shawbrook Bank. 2 weeks later I get a letter saying my account is open and ready for use. I transfer a large sum of money to my new account using BACS. 2 weeks later I get another letter saying the product is withdrawn and my account closed. What the hell???"

by mike8691, 18 Nov 2012

"Opened a savings account on line. then I waited over two weeks for the letter confirming that the account had be opened and would I send a cheque as initial investment. This I did by retun of post and two weeks later my cheque was returned and my letter with a letter saying the product was withdrawn. I have lost over a months interest on my money. Do not bother with these people."

by wins, 11 Nov 2012

"Still waiting after 5 weeks; after opening an account online. Im suppose to be waiting for details in the post. They have not even bothered emailing me saying there is a delay. In the meantime the rates have dropped, so have missed the opportunity of good rates elsewhere. Dont bother if you want to open an account this side of christmas. Avoid."

by hoover, 1 Nov 2012

"Completed on line application over 4 weeks ago, giving out all my personal details.Application was acknowleded by email since then nothing.Sent an email over a week ago again no response. I have £60,000 sitting in my current account earning no interest at the moment !"

by Sid22, 26 Sep 2012

"Still awaiting account details in the post 15 days after opening my account ON-LINE.They don't even reply to my E Mails.What a way to run a bank,I use the term run very loosely.Obviously they are like the rest of the UK banks,a total shambles."

by malcolm21, 14 Sep 2012
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