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Alliance Trust Savings Platform - going downhill
Online self-select platform, easy to use
Charges, customer service

"Alliance Trust Savings (ATS) used to be my favourite self-select share platform and I've had accounts with them for more than 10 years, but recently I've began moving my business away from them to other, better providers. Their charges have gone up and up through several massive hikes to the point where they are now more expensive for modest investors than most other platforms. At the same time, the speed and quality of service has got worse and worse. Not a good..." more

by pjr1969, 10 hours ago
Do not use for buying foreign shares such as on the US market
Good interface, reasonable research
Hidden charges make it expensive

"This review refers to Hargreaves and landsdown Whilst they have a good interface and make things straight forward to use, buyers of individual shares on the us or other foreign markets should be aware of hidden costs. H&L state they charge £8.95 for foreign purchase of shares, however the real cost to you is closer to 2% which they make on the exchange rates. So for comparison sake a trade of £4000 shares in Google will cost you around £900,..." more

by Bigcol2, 2 weeks ago
The Worst Ever Service
There are no prsotives in my experience

"I have never experienced anything as bad. All too often you can not buy shares online and they ask you to ring them up. You ring them up and their phones are continually engaged. Last week my worst day was 45 minutes before they answered the phone. and their prices all too often bear no relationship to what the market prices is for trades going through at the same time. All this is completely unacceptable and gives stockbrokers a bad name"

by ipolla, 4 months ago
Avoid Jarvis Investment or
Appear cheap
Appalling organisation

"Sold shares through this company, money deposited after little communication. First time share dealer. Contacted 5 months later by debt company informing me they have already taken me to court as they had held onto certificate whilst shares had been adjusted. Hadn't bothered calling me. Two days off work to set aside judgement, make payment and settle. Now they're trying to claim an additional £400+ for their PPI debt chase to call me which they could of..." more

by chriscoulson, 4 months ago
Lost Royal Mail shares
Grossly misleading website. Poor service thereafter.

"HL arranged transfer of money from my bank account but claimed that I did not place an order for Royal Mail shares. Nonexistent customer service thereafter."

by craig84, 5 months ago

"I have now twice lost out on buy and sell opportunities because Hargreaves lansdown website was not accessible when I wanted to go online. Latest apparently because lots of people wanted to deal in royal mail. I was trying to make a transaction in something completely different but still site would not work. How would it cope if the stock marked dived and lots of people wanted to carry out transactions"

by sjc89, 11 Oct 20131 response

"I invested a modest sum (£5,000) in US stocks through TD. They stung me on the exchange rate when I bought the stocks, and again when I sold them. Admittedly, I bought when the pound was weak, and sold when it was strong, which worked against me, but only by around 5% or so. Despite the value of my stocks increasing almost 25% while I held them, I made almost no profit at all after TD's trading charges, exchange rates and inactivity charges were taken into..." more

by DoctorDee, 9 Oct 20131 response

"DO NOT TOUCH TD DIRECT INVESTING. After 5 years of poor service I was finally locked out of my account simply because I could not prove my identity. They have known me for 5 years and then all of a sudden I received a series of letter asking me to prove where I live. I was on holiday and id not reply quickly enough, so they locked me out 3 weeks ago and I still do not have access to my account. DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT"

by arfawk, 9 Sep 2013
Self trade pep and isa account
reasonably priced and efficient service
no interest of cash holdings so need to invest quickly

"The account holds shares and bonds in nominee form and because of the wrapper is exept from Capital Gains Tax and Income tax on dividends and interest rate payments. Account charges have been abolished provided holders make at least one transaction per quarter. Charges for share purchases and sales are resonably competitive. Management of this account seems efficient and reports on dealing and assets are produced every half year. Electronic Access allows most of..." more

by jeff96, 21 Jul 2013
Standard Life takes the weight from my shoulders
Buying and selling carried out by experts
Obviously costs some money

"Buying and selling shares is handled by people who have far more expertise than me"

by tonyp24, 21 Jul 2013

"sIMPLE TO OPERATE moving money to and from. Some good information on shares available within to help research when needed. Price ok for execute transactions."

by markbor72, 20 Jul 2013
Sipp and equity isa
very good execution, customer service

"I find their customer service to be very good. they may not be the cheapest fund platform now (don't know but that's what I read) but the things I have asked them to do! and they managed to get it all correct. All administered online, secure email etc, customer service very good. FTSE 100 company, more than just a bloke in a shed with a good idea....sure they want to make money but they really do look after their clients. The share dealing is fine, leave behind..." more

by harrishadlow, 19 Jul 2013

"Very competent. Gave good advice. No issues at all."

by tonyd3, 19 Jul 2013

"I thought I was the only one to be suckered into H B Markets little game. Joined in June 05 and very shortly got seduced into putting money into prime shares advised by their staff. It very shortly became evident that they had taken in placement shares and immediately passed them onto poor suckers like myself to make a small turn on their investment and then forget about matters. In virtually every case the shares went into step decline and eventually vanished. I..." more

by charia, 17 Jul 2013

"Expensive, poor internet service. 14th July still no statement from last month. I complain, they say I don't know why you need a statement! Various other service problems - website not functioning properly - sometimes just displays lines of code. They have misleading quotes for exchange rate services - they advertise derivative currency spreads on the share dealing site, even though it is not at all applicable. Currency spreads are 1.2% in fact - VERY difficult to..." more

by fgh82, 14 Jul 2013

"Find them very easy to use and fee/commission not bad. Not as cheap to deal as some online sites, but I prefer to speak to someone on the phone."

by jowjow, 13 Jul 2013

"easy to use good researhh info"

by rafa08, 3 Jul 2013

"Fast deals with little commission paid, can't ask for more."

by chrisc56, 3 Jul 2013
Collins Sarri Statham, UK brokers for Saxo Banking
Staements are impentrable even to professionals. Advice not good.

"I followed my old broker to CSS after much cajoling. Allowed myself to get caught up in CFD trading via him. On reflection, we did a great job of paying him a lot of commission. In return I lost a massive chunk when the markets closed us out in Aug 2011 despite having been asking to be moved into defensive stocks for the previous 12 months. As I've only had the one broker there I cannot speak for the company as a whole, but advice has not been good and remaining..." more

by daleme, 3 Jul 2013

"Took months, but they did fully compensate me in the end"

by ron4, 3 Jul 2013
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