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Santander Cash ISAs
Higher interest rate
Went round in circles for ages before final transfer of one ISA!

"If you have a Santander 123 account, their cash ISAs for account holders offer a better rate of interest than what is generally available."

by Smith2468, 9 hours ago2 responses
Santander 123 account
Good interest rate
Their phone numbers are expensive - I email my manager!

"I'm quite happy with this account and use it like a deposit account with as much cash in it as possible. Most of my bills are set up to go via direct debit from this account. All they ask for is a monthly deposit of £500 and for monthly bills to go from this a/c which suits me fine. Better than a proper deposit account. Their cash ISAs are slightly more generous for account holders."

by Smith2468, 9 hours ago
Santander bank 123 Current Account
A better rate of interest if you have over £3,000 than ISAs etc
no guarantee that this will continue

"This account is amazing. You pay £2 per month and then get cash back on bills you pay such as council tax, utility bills etc. Also you receive interest on your balance, monthly, 1% for £1,000, 2% for £2,000 and 3% for balances over £3,000. This is far better than any cash ISA so long as you are not a higher rate tax payer."

by franc7, 11 hours ago
Santander 123 current account
Cashback, Interest on savings
Need to set up direct debits

"This account is great primarily because you get 3% interest on savings of up to £20,000. You can also earn cash back on many purchases and expenditure on Santander mortgages. You need to have an income of £500 every month and set up some direct debits. For the income it's ok if you just transfer £500 out of your account and transfer the same money back in."

by dan_rich, 3 days ago

"I have just given up the ghost with trying to get a small increase to my mortgage. It has taken so long for them to process my application, that I decided to go elsewhere. Ended up getting a better deal on an unsecured loan from Tesco finance, a prompt an efficient service. I will be moving my mortgage from Santander as soon as I can"

by Barrowboy, 3 days ago

"Santander Horrendous Customer Service Experience abroad In Jan 2014 at the beginning of my 2 week holiday I was targeted by a professional pickpocket gang in Tenerife losing all my cash, debit and credit cards. Within an hour I reported the debit card loss via my mobile to Santander to stop the card which was done immediately. To do this of course I had to identify myself with the usual security questions. I asked how they might help me get cash urgently telling..." more

by billfen98, 3 weeks ago4 responses

"On 6 occasions I've been asked the same security question "what is your date of birth" and on 6 occasions it is wrong. The previous 5 occassion I have corrected it by visiting a branch and yet it is still wrong. How many times can they get it wrong!!"

by bryan74, 1 month ago1 response

"Santander is living up to its reputation for terrible customer service--I am supplied with gas by Flogas but noticed that I wasn't receiving any cashback (despite Flogas being listed as an eligible supplier by Santander) I contacted Santander who wrote back saying it doesn't provide cashback on OIL providers---strange...there's a clue in the title--it's FloGAS not FloOIL ! Looks like I'll have to take it up with the Financial Ombudsman"

by smc789, 2 months ago6 responses

"A bit dubious of opening an account with Santander as it can be difficult to find any good press. I wanted the 123 Account for the interest it pays and not as a current account necessarily. Quite frankly I can't fault anything at all and I'm very good at complaining when things go wrong. Transfers from non Santander account are instantaneous literally. Direct debits are working OK. Cashback and interest is starting to be added correctly. Online access is no..." more

by Gieussome, 2 months ago

"Terrible terrible credit card company. Confusing website, inflexible policy, pin number did not work when the card arrived, first statement did not arrive causing me to miss the 1st payment, on the 3rd month the direct debit payment I set up was taken 3 days earlier than the due date shown on statement which cost me £75 (3x 25) in bank charges since I did not put my current account in credit until the due date. I had also cleared the amount due 6 days before..." more

by nickj47, 3 months ago2 responses
Business Banking
things could not get worse
trying to calm down, waiting on the phone for 25mins and no help

"Santander business banking is impossible to work with. if you get logged out only takes 5-7 working days to get in, meanwhile you could be on stop with all your suppliers. you can't search for suppliers payments,or any sort of alphabetical search. I only took the pressure for a month and bailed out . In short designed by a security expert but not useable."

by dmein, 4 months ago

"They sent a text message asking me to set up a direct debit to pay my credit card. I called them to do that, but I couldn't get through the security questions. Instead I went to online banking and it wouldn't let me set up the direct debit for the full amount, because kept saying I needed to enter an amount. Eventually I realised that it was because it was already set up correctly several weeks ago. End result: a lot of time wasted."

by oxcsk, 4 months ago
Delighted with Santander
security can be onerous but necessary

"After being with Natwest for 47 years that whilst offering a good service had derisory interest rates. The Santander staff at Walsall were a delight, friendly, efficient and professional and within an hour had my 123 current and credit cards set up. By the time I got home my online account was up and running and within 3 days had my pins and cards. All transactions between my NW and Santander accounts are both instant and seamless. Security seems more comprehensive..." more

by ParishBeadle, 4 months ago3 responses
Santander UK the worst customer service ever!
good current account features
non existent customer service and shambolic system

"They customer service is non existent. They treat you with absolute and open disrespect. The whole service system is shambles. They feel that they can do whatever they want to and will find excuse for anything to cover they backs. If you want to complaint- do not hold your breath and be prepared to waste a lot of time, to be fobbed off and ridiculed. Very slim chances of finding any truth. So appalling...."

by Leblondi, 4 months ago4 responses

"Santander's security system is a pain in the ass, it tells you something is incorrect, but not exactly what, then you have to call them, they ask you millions of security questions and at the end they will say they can't help because some of the security question answers are wrong again not with exactly what! (when I called the robot tells me my DOB is incorrect, WTF! apparently when one answer is wrong, all the others are wrong) no second chance, you have to hang..." more

by wendywong, 5 months ago

"I do not know how this bank has become one of the biggest banks at the moment, wait, I know, because they cahrge you for everything! Worst service ever, have you ever entered one of their branchs in London? What obout the web page? have you ever been there? it seems it was done by a schyzophrenic."

by Pissedoffguy, 5 months ago4 responses

"I want an account that offers me perks (Breakdown, Phone insurance etc), Santander did with their premium account, however now they do not! I don't want an account which pays me interest on my savings if I did I would get a savings account! I have been with Santander for 17 years now but unfortunately it's time to move. The 123 account only seems to benefit the ones who hold a mortgage with Santander, I really hope they lose lots of customers after there're..." more

by daveygeezer, 5 months ago1 response

"I was a santander customer since 2008 and was quite happy with them (probably becasue I never had to go and see the banking staff or had to call them for anything as everything was done on line. I then saw the 123 current account and switched to that as they were giving cash back for the payments made. I then requested Santander to switch my current account from Barclays this was prior to the 7 day switching process began and that was probably the worst decision..." more

by nirosh, 7 Oct 20131 response

"I have had this card for about a year and a half now and, for the amount I spend, I still haven't seen any other product that comes close to matching its benefits. There is an annual fee of £24, yet I have found that by using this card for all of my purchases I get about double that in cash-back at the end of the year. I do pay off my balance in full every month and so get the maximum reward from the card. It may not have proved to be as good had I been..." more

by The_Dude, 11 Sep 20131 response
Santander 123 current account/ up to 3% interest& cash back
interest up to 3% up to 20 g cash back up to 3% good service.
£2 monthly charge,

"Best a/c on the market for cash back on direct debit paid bills /council tax/water/electricity&gas/ telephone ideal for people with med. to large bills cash back paid monthly, my AUGUST cash back was £5.92 plus interest £16.31 a/c monthly charge is £2 well worth it. my suggestion is pop into a branch or santander online have a calculator that will tell you how much you can get cash back,all you need is all your last months bills, extra..." more

by blea, 8 Sep 20135 responses
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