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"I have just given up the ghost with trying to get a small increase to my mortgage. It has taken so long for them to process my application, that I decided to go elsewhere. Ended up getting a better deal on an unsecured loan from Tesco finance, a prompt an efficient service. I will be moving my mortgage from Santander as soon as I can"

by Barrowboy, 19 hours ago

"Too little information given by the company No help in finding a better product when the old one came to an end."

by Gingerhair, 21 Jul 2013

"No issues - easy to deal with"

by david_h92, 21 Jul 2013
Santander is super.
Competititve rates
Spanish based.

"Competitive interest rates, helpful staff, any problems soon resolved."

by eaglestone, 21 Jul 2013

"On a good fixed rate deal predating Santander. Customer service has deteriorated though"

by timwall02, 20 Jul 2013

"they don't ever seem to offer existing customers deals or features, nor very flexible if you need a payment break."

by joann10, 20 Jul 2013

"Santander look at all circumstances for individuals looking for a mortgage, Not just what is in black and white."

by Stoopid, 20 Jul 2013

"Excellent rates for 3 year fixed"

by ozzies, 20 Jul 2013
Interest only mortgage
very small interest rate
you have to be fixed in long term to enjoy the low interest rate

"mortgage has a good low interest rate but is linked so it goes up each year."

by jrwynt, 19 Jul 2013

"We took this mortgage as it suited us at the time. We would like to change it but we would be charged a penalty so stuck with it for now"

by shazcant, 19 Jul 2013
repayment mortgage
know whats payable each month
high fixed rate

"Good but slightly high fixed rate now"

by bebby4, 19 Jul 2013

"I have a 10 year fixed mortgage which is very costly. I am tied in with a high penalty to get out."

by gailbj, 19 Jul 2013

"Great initial offers, unfortunately not particularly interested in competitive remortgages"

by petehov81, 19 Jul 2013
santander mortgage
can obtain a balance over the phone
dislike when i make enqs about mortgage staff try and sell other produ

"very efficient service"

by kathdo, 19 Jul 2013
Santander 2 Yr Fixed
Good friendly service
have to pay my mortgage!

"The staff were very helpful and knowledgable"

by katri75, 19 Jul 2013


by debbiegall58, 13 Jul 2013
Santander mortgage
Simple enrolment process
Mortgage statements could be more frequent

"Really pleased with mortgage provider. Made the re mortgage process so simple and effortless. Plus if have a 123 bank account you earn money back for having a Santander mortgage!"

by nikki666, 13 Jul 2013

"it does what it should"

by satcom, 12 Jul 2013
Santander Mortgages
My opinion is neutral
Interest rates not openly accessible

"Neutral. I don't feel they really have competitive rates. They're not that fair and flexible as they don't list their interest rates on their website you have to call to inquire about their rates. Didn't move as I have a small shared-ownership mortgage and didn't feel the hassle was worth my effort although I was told of much better offers elsewhere."

by rachael5, 12 Jul 2013
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