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Santander 123 current account
Cashback, Interest on savings
Need to set up direct debits

"This account is great primarily because you get 3% interest on savings of up to £20,000. You can also earn cash back on many purchases and expenditure on Santander mortgages. You need to have an income of £500 every month and set up some direct debits. For the income it's ok if you just transfer £500 out of your account and transfer the same money back in."

by dan_rich, 2 days ago

"Santander is living up to its reputation for terrible customer service--I am supplied with gas by Flogas but noticed that I wasn't receiving any cashback (despite Flogas being listed as an eligible supplier by Santander) I contacted Santander who wrote back saying it doesn't provide cashback on OIL providers---strange...there's a clue in the title--it's FloGAS not FloOIL ! Looks like I'll have to take it up with the Financial Ombudsman"

by smc789, 2 months ago6 responses

"A bit dubious of opening an account with Santander as it can be difficult to find any good press. I wanted the 123 Account for the interest it pays and not as a current account necessarily. Quite frankly I can't fault anything at all and I'm very good at complaining when things go wrong. Transfers from non Santander account are instantaneous literally. Direct debits are working OK. Cashback and interest is starting to be added correctly. Online access is no..." more

by Gieussome, 2 months ago
Delighted with Santander
security can be onerous but necessary

"After being with Natwest for 47 years that whilst offering a good service had derisory interest rates. The Santander staff at Walsall were a delight, friendly, efficient and professional and within an hour had my 123 current and credit cards set up. By the time I got home my online account was up and running and within 3 days had my pins and cards. All transactions between my NW and Santander accounts are both instant and seamless. Security seems more comprehensive..." more

by ParishBeadle, 4 months ago3 responses

"Santander's security system is a pain in the ass, it tells you something is incorrect, but not exactly what, then you have to call them, they ask you millions of security questions and at the end they will say they can't help because some of the security question answers are wrong again not with exactly what! (when I called the robot tells me my DOB is incorrect, WTF! apparently when one answer is wrong, all the others are wrong) no second chance, you have to hang..." more

by wendywong, 5 months ago

"I attempted (and failed) to switch long before the new easy-switching regs came into effect. Since it failed I let the account lapse, basically ignoring it, and it accrued some non-use charges. The call centre I spoke to was very helpful, cancelling down those charges and closing the account for me with instantly since the initial switch hadn't worked. Hard to say whether i'd recommend it though - i never used the account!"

by Gramsci, 5 Sep 2013

"Had a current account, multiple outgoing large transfers from my account had apparently vanished and only showed up after months (very distressing) which was bad enough but what really took the cake was when they said an "unusual" transfer was made and blocked my account!!!!! I was in disbelief, over many decades of banking with many banks never has a bank said an "unusual" transfer occurred, I phoned them they said I had to come into the branch..." more

by MarcusAugustus, 29 Aug 2013
Santander123 account
3% interest on balances up to £20,000
£2 per month account charges

"Pays interest on up to £20,000 at 3% per annum (paid monthly) and rebates up to 3% on certain types of direct debit payments such communications and energy bills. Whilst current low rates of interest prevail on savings accounts this is one of the best deals around at this moment. Gives me much of the flexibility I require with instant access. Electronic banking and security features good. Cheque books still available for certain occasional payments. The..." more

by jeff96, 21 Jul 20131 response

"never had a problem"

by stephiep003, 21 Jul 2013
Santander is efficient
Sometimes to pedantic over small problems

"As with credit cards I have been with Santander for many years without many problems"

by tonyp24, 21 Jul 2013

"Good account and easy phone access"

by anniesoo, 21 Jul 2013
Santander 123 account
Staff in branch are lovely
Changed bank account to joint account and put my partners name as lead

"Brilliant - get cash back for paying my bills by direct debit - get interest on money I have in account. Statement comes through every month and is clear and easy to understand. Easy withdrawals and phone banking is easy."

by michel39, 21 Jul 2013
Santander Current Account
their cash machines are available in lots of locations
can't thing of any...

"Current account manages all my transactions, reasonable charge for overdraft, average charges for transactions taking you over your overdraft, good customer service. Open on Saturdays, foyer service available for out of hours deposits and withdrawals."

by moptop, 21 Jul 2013

"I cannot recommend this bank highly enough. My finances were in a mess a few years ago and i wanted to change current accounts. I popped in to a branch, explained my situation and got the most helpful advice for me. There was no pushy sales chat, or judgement."

by naomib, 20 Jul 2013
Santander 123 Current Account - Brilliant!!!
Cashback on DD payments for household bills; excellent credit interest

"Receive cashback on DD payments for most household bills - brilliant idea!!"

by steve65, 20 Jul 2013

"fair product at price. Good interest rates. SO/DD security can delay faster payments for 16 hours which can be frustrating. Branch visits required to get around. otherwise does what you'd expect."

by markbor72, 20 Jul 2013
Santander 123 account
Best interest rate around at the moment
£2 charge monthly to use and you must put £500 or more in

"Great interest rate and cashback on bills such as water,council tax, gas, electric"

by jetboygaz, 20 Jul 2013

"You can get 3% interest on your money upto £20000 also cash back on direct debits Only hassle was setting this up by phone"

by amariposa, 20 Jul 2013

"Serves its purpose for paying bills and receiving salary"

by spiken, 19 Jul 2013

"Very good discounts"

by mckayz, 19 Jul 2013
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