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Terrible (Loan Service)
Good offers
Terrible implementation

"Decided to give Sainsburys Bank a go for a 10k loan because it was offering 4.6% over 5 years compared to my lloyds banks 6.4%. It was mostly to consolidate some debts and a little extra to buy a television. Next thing I know I have some sainsburys guy calling me and arguing about whether my TV would cost 500 or a 1000! I said I did not know I had not looked yet and he said 'well, which is it? Were not giving you money to sit in your bank account." I suppose..." more

by tongp69, 2 months ago2 responses

"Good apr and very easy to set up online."

by everforever, 20 Jul 2013
sainsburys bank loan
easy to set up
having to pay back!

"Easy to set up, got a good interest rate"

by donnah9, 20 Jul 2013
Sainsburys Loans are easy to set up
Main form filled online
Letter sent out to sign was late.

"I found this set up very easy and had the advice from Customer Services. Had to chase the money a bit though to get it in the bank because of clerical errors."

by Malarin, 3 Jul 2013

"Easy to apply and reasonable interest rate."

by LislH, 27 Jun 2013
good customer service, patient and helpful
One of the lowest interest rate on the market
interest rate goes up quite high for loan over £15000

"would use them again"

by pg012y, 27 Jun 2013

"Fair rate of apr"

by jpcope, 18 Jun 2013

"Easy to set up and possible to change. The no payment for three months rule at the start helps too! I'd recommend."

by traceychud5on, 24 Feb 2012
Sainsbury's Personal Loan
Flexibility to pay back part or all of the loan early if you wish to.

"The Sainsbury's loan is a competitive rate (9.7% for me), was easy to apply for and the loan documentation was clear. I reapplied for this loan to incorporate another debt thereby increasing the loan amount but enabling me to have one payment a month so easier to manage. There was no problem with me taking out the new loan and it all went through smoothly. To avoid the cost of a courrier for the paperwork (a service they offer), just opt for first class post as the..." more

by yellowtulip, 23 Feb 2012
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