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"Last September my car was parked outside my house when another car drove into it causing so much damage that my car was written off. Unfortunate you may think, but the real nightmare was making a claim with RAC. Seven months later this claim is not resolved. Turns out RAC are only the brokers and Aviva are the insurers (though the policy document is headed 'RAC Insurance'). Aviva have been breathtakingly incompetent -constantly losing paperwork, disposing of my car..." more

by icecoolinalex, 4 weeks ago2 responses

"Recently changed to rac. No claims as yet so no helpful comments."

by joyp, 21 Jul 2013
RAC Good value for money
cheap cover at a fair price
ammedments are expensive

"Really good cover for a cheap price but dont make any ammedments they cost at least £45"

by kendel, 2 Jul 2013

"Cheap for my porsche"

by Liontrecker, 28 Jun 2013

"Very Good covers all I need"

by BIG_PHIL, 27 Jun 2013
Royal Automobile Association
Good price with cashback
None to date

"Good cover."

by sonia25, 27 Jun 2013

"RAC car insurance is fine"

by linnes, 27 Jun 2013

"I feel safe with a company with a solid background like RAC"

by Antonfredburt, 24 Jun 2013

"seems Ok never claimed!"

by nevjon, 18 Jun 2013

"Seem ok"

by pm3, 15 Jun 20131 response

"Took out the policy in January - I knew I would be changing my car within the year but didn't even consider it might be a problem. Phoned in May to advise of new car (a regular 1400cc Golf) only to be told it would not be allowed. They offered a new 12 month quote and would credit any rebate there might be from my 4 month old policy towards the new quote. As if I would ever consider using them again. Would they allow a change of address? I think its disgraceful and..." more

by jill101, 24 May 20134 responses

"They have always a point to charge you...Not happy going to complaint with FOS Pleasantly got prices from gocompare.com and got policy. • when I change the address just 3 miles away from my previous address they ADDED £ 400 into my policy :O • Got 3 x points they added £ 15 / month • Paid/charged full amount for RAC £147 euro cover instantly • Change address move to another city ...They declined to cover me after spending 7..." more

by Evo9870, 17 Mar 20131 response
Awful customer service, avoid at all costs.
As above. Do not respond, no customer service.

"I made a claim and had to pay for an item in advance in order to make my car safe to drive. They agreed to pay for it but when I contacted RAC they tell me to contact the insurance company, and when I contacted the insurers they tell me to contact RAC. I approached RAC again and they said they don't respond to emails about their insurance. I have sent 2 registered letters to the insurers who have not replied and not paid me back the £200 which I paid out to..." more

by comps, 18 Oct 20121 response
RAC Car insurance
Price and features of policy
Terrible customer service and communication

"RAC car insurance was purchased from a web comparrison site based on its features and value for money. After 14 days we were still waiting for the policy documents to arrive and so contacted their customer services to ask why. The person I spoke to said they would get back to me within 48 hours. They didn't phone, text or email me so I had to phone them again. I was told this time that the documents had been sent to me by email and they confirmed the email..." more

by PaulaW, 23 Feb 2012

"That time of the year to renew, so where better to go than money.co.uk. With their help, I was able to save over ?85 off last years' premium by changing to another supplier. By being able to compare the competition on your screen, life is much less hassle! A big thanks"

by Spikel, 23 Feb 2012

"Had AA car insurance, renewal was quoted ?600, went to confused.com and ended up with RAC for ?300, same deal! Due for Renewal again in March AA sent a quote, from letter box to recycle bin in one move, ?400. Why oh why is nothing ever easy?"

by barjay, 15 Feb 2012
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