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Comprehensive cover
customer service
website could improve

"easy to use, good customer service"

by danielletinker, 19 Jul 2013

"Car insurance at a better than fair price"

by nigel23, 19 Jul 2013
Car insurance - get the cheapest you can
Get the cheapest
All insureres will try to avoid paying as much as they possibly can

"You need it legally, & you need enough to cover the big stuff, but that's it. Otherwise, work out what you actually NEED & use a comparison site to get the cheapest you possibly can. All insurance companies are the same anyway. If your car gets written off, they'll never offer you what it's worth, & they'll do their damned best to avoid paying out eversy single penny they can, so don't fret it. Don;t pay for extras you'll never use, just stash the..." more

by petewins57, 9 Jul 2013
Privilege motor insurance is rock solid
Good protection, efficient and fast follow up to accident claims.

"Good all round cover and NCB. Have made one claim which was handled efficiently."

by howard87, 3 Jul 2013

"no accidents so no real input required"

by iangpo, 28 Jun 2013

"good service"

by mikecl, 27 Jun 2013

"It is what it is"

by suzdmu, 27 Jun 2013
it pays to shop around
great deal with extras
introductary offer

"I used to be with churchill's, used money supermarket to hunt for new cover, privilege offered a great deal with extra bits"

by smccle, 27 Jun 2013

"cheaper than thwe rest."

by kennyg1979, 27 Jun 2013

"Just bog standard insruance - bought via cashback site so cheapest option"

by lizzi_1, 18 Jun 2013

"Do not use, customer service terrible want proof of your no claims from previous company when you send it they say they have not recieved it and then send you letters saying we are going to cancel the policy, i have sent my proof of no claims 4 times do not use them. People on the phones talk over you and talk to you like dirt keep away from them this is the first and last time i use them."

by petebe, 19 Nov 2012

"received renewal quote, quick check about saved over 100 pounds, called to try and negotiate a fairer price told bluntly no chance, reason given? supposedly they are so much better than every other insurer and offer so many other services to the policy holders the no other insurer can they dont need to price match or even reduce renewal quoted slightly to retain customers avoid like the plague there are better deals available"

by alfmech, 15 Oct 2012

"Joined them in December 2011, fully comprehensive, and had to make a claim 5 weeks ago due to my keys and spare keys being taken during an armed burglary. The car luckily was still on the drive. Horrific experience, husband seriously injured and in hospital for two weeks, is looking at recovery time of six months. Only thing Privilege Insurance had to do was to organise access into my car so I could obtain my personal items, replace the locks and fix some scratches..." more

by esther91, 2 Jul 20122 responses
Priviledge Car Insurance Will match a cheaper quote
Open to negotiate with you on your insurance quote
Their online offer is not as good as speaking to someone personally

"I was insured with Swift Cover whom had sent me a renewal quote which was almost 40% more than the previous years insurance. So, I shopped around using all of the price comparison sites I could find to see if I could get a better deal. Privilege was coming out as one of the cheapest, but going to direct insurers I could top their quote with another company however I liked the fact privilege were offering a Hire Car and other benefits. So, I called them to see if..." more

by kesblondie, 26 Feb 20121 response
Privelege Insurance
British Call Centres
A rip-off - misleading claims in publicity

"Take great care when looking at this company. Great service and competitive quotes, but beware the "named drivers on your policy earn their own no claims discount" They do not! Its not like a normal No claims Bonus - and this play on words has confused a great many - and me! Its a "discount" and this means that it may not be as cheap as a straight forward quote from others. In this case - loyalty does not pay"

by tots, 10 Feb 2012
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