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"AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!! I signed up 2 months ago still no internet. I have been on hold for a total of around 10 hours and this is no exaggeration. I have been hung up on twice. I have asked to speak to a manager 3 times and have been told on each occasion they're not available and will contact me- 2 months later and still nothing. I told them a month ago I wanted to cancel. They are saying I need to pay £180 to get out of the contract despite..." more

by jeniek, 1 month ago2 responses

"Where to start if you can ever get in touch with the customer service department don't hold any hope of them carrying out your request. I can simply save you money don't change - it's clear that you can't get in touch due to so many people phoning to complain. Worst thing I ever did."

by Mrt1234, 1 month ago6 responses

"The worst company ever!!! It took about a month for my service to be activated and then it stopped working the next day and took another week to start working again! Then I moved house and it's now been 3 weeks and still no service at my new address or even an activation date! I wouldn't recommend them to anyone."

by zalex, 2 months ago1 response
Poor customer service
Below Poor customer service - I have lost the will to live!

"I keep being told that a refund will be put onto my account by the customer service team and then it never happens! Ongoing since Christmas 2013 - FEB 2014 (still not resolved). Customer service - a bunch of clowns - what are they doing! Arrrgh"

by ashcr73, 2 months ago1 response
Horses for Courses
Value for Money (as long as you're cool with a no-frills service)
Surprisingly slow broadband speeds sometimes

"I signed up with Primus Saver six months ago and can't honestly say I have anything much to complain about. The company (Newcall Telecom) makes no secret of the fact that Primus Saver is a barebones service - but if you can live with that, it's by no means a bad deal. The important thing to do before becoming a Primus customer is to work out roughly what your likely monthly broadband usage will be. A Google search will reveal various articles about how much..." more

by Ebenezer, 3 months ago1 response
Primus saver' broadband - very misleading
no way of monitoring use until its too late - £295 for 3 months

"changed to Primus to save money, what a mistake, just been hit with a £295 bill for 3 months use, Apparently our backup service has over run the data allowance. Why didn't anyone tell me, why did they let the bill get this high, I'm clearly on the wrong package. sickening."

by v-poor-service, 3 months ago1 response

"Appalling service, slow connection speed, customer service department is nothing more than a place to get ridiculed , called a liar and generally spoken down to. I am in the process of talking to Trading Standards, because of the treatment my wife received from one of Primus' customer service staff, and there so called back up, is nothing but absolutely shocking."

by nut7y1, 1 Oct 20131 response

"Dont sign up your broadband speed is so slow its impossible to use,BT engineers fail to turn up and then thet try scam 1 tell you you have to pay a discount of £75 to get out of the contract which is only 3 weeks old, scam 2 its your own fault for not running your own speed test to find out what you get...scam 3 64kbs is good speed for your line you should be thankfull, i guess as 1990's dailup was 32 kbs i have managed to double my speed for £20 a..." more

by davidow51, 29 Jul 20134 responses

"I'm with primus saver in England. primus is one of the worst internet provider I have ever seen. Their customer service are impolite and the company is dodgy. two or three times they tried to charge me more than it should be but when I told them these bills are not mine I never ever phone Russia and India they said: oh sorry we are so busy with our customers , some times its happen ??? I just terminated my contract with them."

by freeman21, 11 Jun 20131 response

"Shocking customer services: rude, arrogant, unhelpful, here for the money.... Twice I went over my allowance and first time I got charged £76, second time £126. When questioning their poor services they said I should check my broadback by calling them. 45-50 mins waiting each time I called, enough to make anyone lose their patience. Horrible experience. NEVER AGAIN. I hope they get shut down for being the MOST UNHELPFUL AND ARROGANT company."

by annoyedcustomer, 30 Apr 2013
You get what you pay for !
Good customer service
Slow internet speed and expensive calls

"I have been with Primus for 3 months, I have had one problem with them - My internet light turned red (even though my bill had been paid) I rang them up and spoke to a guy who spent 45 minutes on the phone to me trying to get it working, He talked me through everything to checking the internet at my end and his. Eventually it turned out there was problem with the router and he said he would send out a new box, 2 days later it arrived, followed by another 2 routers..." more

by Abigaillouise, 20 Apr 2013
Primus saver broad band
Good place to loose your hard earned money and get ripped off !!

"Worst company I have ever dealt with utter rip offs I have currently been trying toget connection since December and still no luck they have taken money from my account when I am not even receiving the service and won't let me cancel or give me a refund , the best advice is never sign up to this company . If anyone can give me some advice on what to do it would be much appreciated thank you regards Carl"

by carlp14, 16 Apr 20131 response

"Primus have a catch of overcharging customers I was overcharged from the day I signed up. And its only 3 months, I cannot cancel the contract! Their customer service is terrible. They are very slow replying to your emails. They do not issue online access account details automatically, so that they can take money from your bank through direct debit. Their system isn't capable of capping broadband usage. you have call or email their customer services to find out how..." more

by Ruhul, 9 Mar 20131 response
Dreadful - avoid at all costs!!!!
Poor customer service, slow speeds, connection faults, over charging

"I had the unfortunate experience of being an account holder with this telecom supplier for >2years. During this time I experience slower than dial-up speeds, and multiple issues relating to conectivity, to which their solution was to 'upgrade my service'. Stupidly, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and upgraded. being a 'trusting' kind of person, I did not review my e-bills. Lesson learned, as I subsequently discovered an overcharge of nearly £300..." more

by flw197, 24 Feb 2013
Primus Saver - Not too bad - could be better
Cheap and seems reliable after 2 consistent months of use
had to buy my own equipment as the router supplied was laughable

"I joined primus at the start of this year. I was due to go live on the 4th but the router didn't arrive until the 5th (but the weather was really bad so I wasn't too bothered) and i set it up immediately. I was worried it wouldn't work as there are so many negative reviews - but it worked straight away. I haven't plugged a telephone iin as i only wanted the service for Broadband. The one issue that I have had is that the router is really, really, cheap. It..." more

by jony_bravo, 13 Feb 2013
Totally p..........d off

"I like many people were looking to change and saw the 'price', but the fact that they had an award for their business, then i thought that it would be ok. i got the router, landline etc. router is cheap and inferior to the one i had (and worked perfectly)-connection but no internet. i have called 3/4 times and listened on a prime rate number to advertising and music-no response. i have taken part in live chat-2nd time; she left midway through my request..... i..." more

by weej, 23 Oct 2012
Primus Saver Refer-a-Friend
Product and price
Customer Service thought Telewest was bad try these guys

"Solution wise the product works and great price. Customer service terrible - try referring a friend it says 3 easy steps - Right. Would have been happy to refer a number of friends up to the point I referred 1 friend and thought this would be a simple process. 0800 6p pm. Online billing keeps last 6 bills only. Customer service is an 0800 number maybe one reason to not train the monkeys."

by Dal2012, 14 Sep 2012
Primus saver broadband
metering not accurate so not providing advertised promised product,

"Primus claim to give you 10GB a month. Unfortunately they are constantly exagerating my usage sometimes to double my actual usage and have charged me an excess. As I have a broadband meter installed which is very accurate I know that the figures they are providing are not correct.This may be because thay are using Talk Talks network and getting figures second hand. They also claim not too be able to provide daily usage figures which I can provide via my meter.Their..." more

by rickwp, 31 Mar 20122 responses

"Been connected for 10 days now, and have never had a speed of greater than 1.5mbps. Talk talk, my previous supplier, ran at 5.6mbps. Called customer service to complain/cancel and after having to wait for 30 minutes to speak to someone. When I finally got through I got fobbed off and told I was under contract so they wouldnt help me. They didn't even apologise that my speed today was as low as 0.6mbps. I have emailed three times to complain but have heard nothing..." more

by arda_t, 20 Mar 20121 response

"Most unflexible company I have ever been involved with, pray you don't have to move house within contract. I have had over three weeks now living in my new house with no broadband, and if you have a job, then there technical support is useless as they keep telling me to try the same text book answers which dont work, and the lines are then closed by the time I get home to try them. I also average 20mins waiting to speak to customer services, as they have over..." more

by jamesco35, 16 Mar 2012
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