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Plusnet Broadband and phone - Don't waste your money
Technical support (if you can get hold of them)
Do not believe their promises of cheap fees (they don't exist)

"Plusnet advertise £2.99 Broadband but it is extremely unlikely you will pay this. Monthly fees are more likely to jump to £14.99 as a minimum for the most basic service and then you'll end up paying Plusnet's excessive Extra Usage Allowance (and they won't ask you first). They will also add items to your bill without discussing them first (e.g. Plusnet Protect, whatever that is). I've ended up paying nearly £60 one month and that was despite the..." more

by Pudseywho, 1 day ago

"If you want to ring Plusnet for any reason there is always at least a 30 minute queue and quite often you have to hold for 60 minutes, so frustrating and not acceptable. With this and poor staff knowledge leads to confusion and stress. Don't go near them with a barge pole."

by Coathanger, 2 days ago

"They said my bill would be cheaper im spending 40-45 per month on my bill seems so expensive. The internet speed drops out and they dont have fibre optic for the 2nd city errrrrrr rubbish overpriced"

by ross79, 1 month ago1 response
Plusnet should be negative net
no service no desire to give service and preventing you leaving them

"Ok lets be clear here plusnet is a BT subsidary im sure they are trying to shed their Indian call centre shocking customer service by rebranding under plusnet where you talk to english people but be warned the service is awful in my case they tried to switch me and engineer said he called at my house but he did not and as a result i now have no internet and next appointment will now be in two weeks . I found that unacceptable and an indication of what lay ahead so..." more

by r_hoye, 1 month ago2 responses
Plusnet internet
hidden charges at end of contract No email contact for 'complaints'

"Avoid like the plague Advertising sounds good, cheap etc., but they will charge you heavily when your contract expires, and inflict cancellation charges after the end of your contract Advice Set up you next provider before your contract end date, but be carefull the date does not fall before your contract ends or at the weekend, or plusnet will charge a month fees at their highest rate!!"

by bytheseaside, 1 month ago2 responses
Plusnet advertise 2.99, charge 16.99.
Good advert on the tele.
Bordering on sharp practice, advertising one price and charging more.

"I ordered Plusnet Phone... 14.50, Broadband....2.99. They had my postcode and phone number so they knew my area. My first bill showed my broadband was 16.99 ! I complained and was told I was in a high market area. Total ripoff."

by joncar, 1 month ago5 responses
You get scammed out of money

"PLUSNET = more like SCAMNET: Absolutely awful service I recently joined plusnet and have been sorely disappointed. Glad I was smart enough not to enter a contract. It did mean forking out £100 to get set up (and ripped off) but at least I can give notice immediately. It started with me being lied to and told the up front £100 payment included 1 month in advance. Since this was paid before the service went live, I was told that in the next month, I..." more

by Delarey, 3 months ago1 response
PlusNet - phone & broadband - disappointed by service
Long phone wait for service desk, poor installation

"We have recently moved into a new home and decided to join PlusNet following a net search and some good reviews. The sign-up to their service was quick and easy, unfortunately this was the only easy part of the relationship. They emailed us on the 24th October confirming the contract. They later wrote/texted stating that the 8th November would be the connection date. On the 8th we had no service and it turned-out that a neighbour had had their BT line cut instead!..." more

by Consumer, 5 months ago
Plusnet Broadband
Call centre staff speak clear, understandable English

"Great service and product. Have only contacted customer service to change package and no problems. I left BT because of abysmal service, they maybe need to look at the service provided by one of their offshoots (Plusnet). Surely cannot be that difficult."

by briana40, 5 months ago
Plusnet internet service provider?
some intermittent morning connection
Rare afternoon and evening connection; speed so slow its unusable.

"Terrible service; we're paying for a service we rarely receive. If you want to use a computer in the evening or afternoon, do not use this company. If you are fortunate enough to get connection, then the speed is so slow, it is unusable. It is near impossible to make a purchase on-line as one is usually cut off before the transaction is completed. We have had Bank cards blocked three times because of this. Too bad if you want to purchase an urgent Rail ticket in..." more

by sandr1, 5 months ago2 responses

"broadband slow non existant customer service on average 25 min to pick phone up rip off admin charges operators have a sheet of paper in front of them for same old excuses but never sort the problem out for you dont believe the adverts about putting customer first thats just not true 5.96 per email they send to you save your money as the phone calls and pacages are rubbish pick another provider they cannot be worse than plusnet"

by anthony78, 5 months ago
Plusnet more like whatnet!
When I did get through to call centre they tried their best
No service, ridiculous wait times, £184 fine for leaving

"I wanted to give my custom to a local company and gave plusnet a go. I took 1/2 day annual leave for the engineer who installed the line, but never came in to check it worked. It didn't. Everytime I called the callcentre I was waiting for on average 10 minutes, and only ever got through once. Lots of emails ensued. Asked me to use another 1/2 day annual leave to wait for another engineer (another week wait). So what with long call times and no service decided to..." more

by debgoesnotts, 30 Sep 2013
Plusnet never again
The contract came to an end
Beliving they would deliver what they advertised

"Dreadful service worst 12 months contract I have ever had. Invariably could only get half the minimum advertised rate - less than 0.5 mb/sec, if it didn't drop altogeather. Despites numerous complaints and commissioning my own telecom engineer to pin point the problem for Plusnet, nothing was done. It was easier for them to constantly ignore the problem. Thank goodness I'm at the end of the contract and have signed up with another provider - can't be any worse and..." more

by Bridport123, 29 Aug 20131 response

"We joined plusnet last November for Broadband and telephone. We paid a years line rental in advance but did not get connected until February (3 months after we paid up front). We then moved house in April this year and when trying to move our service we had nothing but issues and found ourselves without any service for several weeks after moving. They also insisted that we tie into a 2 year contract when moving house. four months after being tied into a contract we..." more

by gillk, 29 Aug 2013
Plusnet Broadband + Phone - Dodgy Deals
Cheap deals offered
Dodgy customer service

"Went onto the PlusNet Website and did live chat with an advisor. Transcript of chat proves that advisor assured me that there was no installation charge. After I'd signed up, PlusNet insisted on additional £50 for installation. Hours of hanging on phone lines and still no refund of monies whipped from my account. Do not touch with a bargepole!"

by fairconsumer, 28 Aug 2013
Plusnet - incompetent money grabbers
You can always pay £300 to cancel early
You feel suicidal because of these c**ts

"If you don't want Internet and want to pay for the privilege then these are your guys. Over a month with no broadband. They just cancelled my order for no reason. Awful company would rather use BT and they're the pits"

by grahamb20, 24 Aug 20131 response

"When I first joined plusnet, I had numerous issues getting the installation sorted, and the download speeds were terrible, especially as I had opted fir the fibre optic package. As you would expect, they were quite dismissive to my issue, and I went round the house trying to get someone to sort the issue. Lucky for me the situation was finally sorted, although still did not get any notifications from the company Now I have come to leave, and after several calls..." more

by random12, 9 Aug 20131 response

"We live out in the sticks so we've always had broadband connection problems, but PlusNet seems considerably worse than some of the other companies we've used."

by lillyinthesun, 20 Jul 2013

"Really good price and exceelent customer service"

by Bobbo, 20 Jul 2013

"Very cheap good service"

by Bobbo, 20 Jul 2013
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