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LV Car Insurance (Comprehensive) - very poor customer service
Good prices, even on renewals
Almost zero communication on the important stuff

"Coming to the end of our 2nd term with LV for both house (B&C) & car insurance, and until needing to claim for serious pothole damage at the end of January 2014, they were great (having not needed to use their real 'service'). LV were good for getting the claim under way, getting the car to the repairers, and providing us with a courtesy car, but that's about it. Monday 17th Feb, the engineer on behalf of LV calls us to say the car will be deemed a loss..." more

by GordS, 1 month ago1 response
LV Car Insurance
They recognise you loyalty and give fair price
Don't get punished for your loyalty

"Sent me a renewal through which was as compeative as the best I could get elsewhere. They appear to reward your loyalty so don't have to go round getting quotes from elsewhere."

by michel39, 21 Jul 2013
LV= car insurance - limited cover
came out well in cost comparison
left me the only driver

"Tried to add my son to the policy for a holiday - they wouldn't do it."

by chinkles, 19 Jul 2013
Very professional
Professional and knowledgeable

"Neber claimed but when digning up they were very professional"

by good2b, 18 Jul 2013

"LV= awesome car insurance"

by undade, 6 Jul 2013
LV car insurance
matched best open market quote on renewal
don't automatically give best renewal premium

"good cover and competitive"

by AJay1, 3 Jul 2013

"They seem OK. They are always happy to add someone onto my policy on a temporary basis and they don't charge too much."

by lorraine42, 3 Jul 2013

"Always open to negotiations on renewal"

by LadyB, 3 Jul 2013

"a good price every year"

by pb006f, 3 Jul 2013

"Good customer service and good value"

by davidk2, 3 Jul 2013

"Great service, well pleased and very competative"

by donmcf, 3 Jul 2013
Good for my own car but expensive when I wanted quote for my daughter
Good cover with a low standard excess
Price for young drivers

"My own renewal was competitive but price for my daughter was very expensive"

by neilbe02, 3 Jul 2013
LV Car Insurance
Competitive prices, good claims experience

"Really impressed with LV , gave me a big discount when I purchased a car and did not have any no claims, as a named driver on my husbands policy they gave me 65% NCD. Also will knock 10% off renewal premium if you can get cheaper elsewhere"

by bernie57, 29 Jun 2013

"v v v v v good company!! they are amazing . great rates and v good customer service too"

by greigs, 28 Jun 2013

"excellent car insurance provider with great service"

by panda1, 27 Jun 2013

"Selected for value for money. No contact or claim since setting up so cannot comment on service."

by anders3, 27 Jun 2013

"Be careful of allowing automatic renewal. i have had this insurance for 3 years now and at both renewals the price i would pay by way of using search engines was some 20-30 pounds cheaper that the posted renewal. cancelled policys and took out ne via internet for cheaper price as they would not give me the cheaper price when requested"

by toria, 27 Jun 2013
LV car insurance a bit pricey but you get what you pay for
Generous cover and good customer service
A bit pricey

"Excellent, which? best buy provider but reasonably pricey"

by claire75, 27 Jun 2013

"Have been with LV for several years - are always competitve on renewal"

by gildod, 27 Jun 2013
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