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The poorest service I have ever eperienced from a communications company
When it works, the service is acceptable.
Exceptionally poor customer service and response

"I subscribed to Primus Saver a while ago. It was cheap and I don't use the landline much.. recently I've had faults on the line. The first took two weeks to report. That's 2 weeks to get hold of them on their 0800 number. The only call that got through ion those two weeks took over 20 minutes and cost me mobile charges. Once I got through BT were effective in fixing the fault. The second fault left me with no dial tone, hence no service at all and took 8 days to..." more

by simonmc, 14 hours ago
Primus Saver Don't waste your time.
Customer service is a complete negative

"I joined Primus as it seemed good value for money. The first year was, then up went the cost's. So after 3 years of escalating cost's I decided to changed provider. What a nightmare. I rang them to tell them I was leaving which is a challenge as they are reluctant to answer the phone. A month later I had emails & texts telling me I owed money. Once again I braved the phone call. I was told it was my final payment so I paid by card. Next month same scenario...." more

by beauapricot, 1 week ago

"Talktalk lets an elderly woman of over 80 who relies on careline without a landline for over a week, customer service not interested"

by griffg, 1 month ago4 responses
Poor response to fault report
When it works fair value for money
Poor response to problems

"Sadly I will be leaving Talktalk as soon as possible. A test of any company is how the respond to problems. In my experience Talktalk's response has been terrible. I called them to report a fault on my line and was asked to jump through a variety of hoops to prove the fault was not on my property, fair enough. But once this was done I then received a steady flow of text messages on my mobile telling me the fault was resolved (it wasn't) and to contact this number..." more

by vanessa91, 4 months ago1 response

"As per broadband review"

by malamadzia_20, 22 Jul 2013

"Came free with my tv and broadband package so who am i to complain"

by mckenziemotors, 22 Jul 2013
BTphone landline
cheap calls on a weekend
Poor customer service

"Poor customer service waiting ages on the phone till your put through to the relevant person then to be cut off and have to start all over again"

by sledge, 21 Jul 2013

"Had no choice but to have them because of where I live. Had several occasions with no phone and it takes up to 7 days to get it back. Communicating with them is impossible!!!"

by Gingerhair, 21 Jul 2013

"Had to wait a few days for a problem to be resolved but moved my calls to my mobile. Engineer didn't really know what he was looking for until the supervisor took over"

by elain60, 21 Jul 2013
Bt landline and most calls at all times
reliable service
cost if I do not bundle services

"Was originally a good competitive package but am reviewing because of the bundling of other services such as broadband and TV services into very competitive packages. Whilst I have found BT very reliable and would have preferred to keep services seperate it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up this approach without significant cost."

by jeff96, 21 Jul 2013

"if it wasn't for the fact their product is value for money I wouldn't still be with them as customer service is awful. Living in the highlands I'm limited by what companies I can get to provide landline & fast broadband"

by MorganSpiked, 21 Jul 2013

"The landline is part of a bigger service which includes gas, electricity and broadband which although it is very competitive faults are not attended too very quickly"

by tonyp24, 21 Jul 2013

"Been with AOL for 2 years and had no need to complain. Good price and nothing seems to have gone wrong."

by joyp, 21 Jul 2013

"Excellent product. Will recommend this product to others."

by niksha, 21 Jul 2013

"A good price for a combined package"

by anniesoo, 21 Jul 2013
Virgin media landline
English call centre
Lots of nuisance calls

"Part of a package"

by cazza68, 21 Jul 2013

"Nothing special and hard to move"

by david_h92, 21 Jul 2013
Bt still the best for landlines
Usually accurate
Overseas call centres wit staff with poor English.

"Generally accurate , with some staff that try hard."

by eaglestone, 21 Jul 2013

"Virgin Media phone comes with the package, including freephone to customer services."

by moptop, 21 Jul 2013
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