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"poor rate of return, whilst the directors of this once small and well run building society cream off huge wages for themselves. I would say run by the management for the management"

by pb006f, 3 Jul 2013

"KRBS (formerly Kent Reliance Building Society) may not be the best-known financial institution out there, but it's well worth a good look. I've found their ISAs pay particularly competitive rates. I've had a fixed-term ISA with them, and the follow-on ISA they offered me towards the end of the fixed term was a market-beater as far as the rate of interest was concerned. I couldn't beat it, so I just stuck with them, and let the old ISA roll over into the new. It..." more

by JohnnyComeLately, 27 Feb 2012

"KRBS cash ISA. I have had cash ISAs and other a/c's with KRBS for over 6 years. The present cash ISA I have with them pays 3.25% and has done for over 13 months. Most ISA providers will not allow transfers in after the initial payment but at present, KRBS are handling a largish transfer in from another provider without batting an eyelid. KRBS is one of about 14 investment societies I use and is at the top of the list for handling my telephone and email queries with..." more

by Stan, 23 Feb 2012
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Kent Reliance Reviews
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