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"took out a policy with hastings through a comparison site and chose hastings as they was the cheapest. Anyway got a letter through asking for proof of my no claims bonus which I promptly sent first class post because they are to much cheapskates to set up a free post service. A couple of weeks later I got an email saying they was charging me an extra £248 as no claims discount hadn't been recieved I rang within 30 minutes of receiving email to arrange to..." more

by jonmac49, 1 month ago2 responses
Hastings Direct car insurance admin fee rip off!
Cheep "hook in' price then stuff you with excessively high charge

"Whatever you do don't move house whilst insured with this outfit! Got charged £35 to change my address! 'Admin Fee' incredible! I'm in business and just had one of my customers notify me of a change of address - took me less than a minute & DIDN'T CHARGE HER!!! and a further £22.58 for being in a 'riskier postcode' than at my old house where I had to park on a public road- at the new house I have off road parking and car is garaged overnight- how on..." more

by jrp, 1 month ago2 responses
Hastings direct watch out hidden charges
Offer a zero excess - not many will do that
Horrific Customer Service

"They charge for everything - including if youre not happy, a £55 charge to cancel the policy. I changed my car and they basically tried to charge a massive Additional Premium (which may have been down to the particular insurer to be fair) and then wanted to charge to cancel when I could get cheaper elsewhere. In the end we agreed a small additional premium to restart the policy - will cost me an extra fiver a month but cant be botherered to argue tonight..." more

by paul_64, 1 month ago1 response

"Who ever gets insurance with this company need to be aware. I phoned up for a renewal and the lady on the phone told me I have changed my occupation, that's why it's more money. When I tried to explain to her that I haven't changed my occupation, she basically called me a liar. So I tried to explain why by saying "my details with Confused.com have always been the same, and someone at Hastings must of changed them. She replied by saying "nobody here can..." more

by dazzi, 2 months ago4 responses

"I have used them for several years. They have dealt well with claims"

by browno, 19 Jul 20131 response

"An excellent broker which found me a very competitive premium"

by BrMoney, 19 Jul 2013

"Very good policy at a great price"

by Rico, 14 Jul 2013
Hastings Basic Car Insurance
cheapest insurance available to me
very basic cover - and still cost an arm and a leg!

"I am only 20 so car insurance can still be pricey - even though i have been driving accident free for 3 years!! Hastings were the cheapest by quite a lot and I have not had any problems with them, although I have only had to contact them once about changing my registration plate (as I put a personalised one) which i felt was extortionate to change (£20 admin fee) - for what?!"

by Tabs, 4 Jul 2013

"Hasting Direct is my car insurance company. They provide good service. I am happy with them."

by mahbub, 3 Jul 2013

"Competitive prices"

by simon64, 3 Jul 2013
Hastings direct car insurance
You have to have insurance
You have to have insurance

"You have to have it might as well get it from a good company at a good price"

by lilmos, 3 Jul 2013
Hastings insurance review
Value for money, good comprehensive cover
not competitive on breakdown cover

"Good quote - beat all the others"

by meenam, 3 Jul 2013

"Good price - can barter the price down."

by anniegriff123, 3 Jul 2013
Hastings Car Insurance rip offs
Low admin charge for change of car
Renew price was disgustingly high

"An average insurance company I found through a search engine. Considering I earned another years no-claims, my policy renewal price was through the roof. Currently looking to change. I changed cars during my policy and was charged a small admin fee, which i was shocked at being so small - approx. £38"

by Trigger8186, 3 Jul 20131 response

"no problems at all with our insurance, only had to claim twice so far - once for a smashed windscreen and service was fast and efficient, put us straight in touch with a local mobile replacement service who came out and replaced the windscreen straight away. The other time involved someone backing into our car, sent straight to a local bodywork garage, replacement car issued immediately for the entire duration of the repairs - very happy, brilliant service."

by donnavkebab, 3 Jul 2013

"Easy o set up. Never had to make a claim."

by tracey2808, 3 Jul 2013

"Good cover for reasonable price when compared with other providers"

by bda, 3 Jul 2013

"best deal at the time"

by annean42, 2 Jul 2013

"Wouldn't have gone with if wasn't in hurry... messed up straight away"

by suzy21, 29 Jun 2013
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