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"The policy is new for old and quite an old policy which I am not sure they do any longer."

by AnGem, 20 Jul 2013

"Cheapest for cover that have and if don't claim get £50 bonus every year"

by trcshr, 19 Jul 2013

"The only company I found to insure wooden construction and flat roofed houses."

by Macflame, 19 Jul 2013

"Very helpful when making a claim. still waiting for my rebate though! clear policy generally very happy"

by jalehi, 4 Jul 2013

"Used to have two separate insurance covers but eventually decided to combine for a cheaper fee."

by suelgin, 3 Jul 2013

"Competitive price and fast claim service"

by ziggy7, 3 Jul 2013

"happy with this"

by roofus, 3 Jul 2013
Excellent service when I had to claim
Excellent Claims Service
High price to renew

"My fathers house had a burst pipe which caused extensive damage. The claims service was excellent"

by neilbe02, 3 Jul 2013
halifax home insurance
price and £50 cash back
could only do this on internet

"good value for money best deal at the time"

by annean42, 2 Jul 2013

"Expensive for the cover provided. Will be changing at renewal."

by forgetful, 1 Jul 2013

"Great product"

by mich82, 29 Jun 2013

"Good deal it gives me £50 cashback every year"

by melmcg, 28 Jun 2013
Halifax low rates
a good value all-round deal
no landline number to contact them

"they quoted me when I had moved house and my contents only insurance went DOWN instead of up to a larger property.!"

by carolmu50, 28 Jun 2013
Halifax building society
all staff are friendly and know us by our first manes
cannot get an appointment unless you book it

"I have been with the Halifax Building Society for some 30 years.. I do my banking also insut=rance.. I am happy with the service in this building society"

by dianecl68, 28 Jun 2013

"Have been loyal to it."

by sudars, 28 Jun 2013

"Even with no claims in 10 years the policy doubles every year. You have to ring and threaten to leave and then they "adjust" it."

by cliffxdavis, 27 Jun 2013

"Good price"

by davidn97, 27 Jun 2013

"I have taken contents insurance out with same bank as my mortgage is with"

by rbroathgirl, 27 Jun 2013
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