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"I just thought I would leave my review as I did extensive research before settling on Halifax, and hope that this might help someone else. I have pretty bad credit (hence looking at the Easy Cash account) and needed to change bank accounts. I applied for an easy cash account online, so far so easy. I didn't have any trouble at all filling out the information and when I was done I was informed that I would receive a letter shortly informing me of my next move. The..." more

by donnakn72, 4 months ago
Halifax Current Account - Decent But With Flaws
Cashback, reward and online banking
Overdraft charges, bit salesy

"I have the £5 a month Reward Current Account with Halifax and overall I'm very happy with it, £100 for switching and the £5 a month reward are the highlights. There are things you need to be careful of though which weren't made clear like the £1 a day overdraft charges and loss of bonus. I've found that some of the staff in branch are very salesy as well but then you get that everywhere i suppose."

by bombardier, 5 Sep 2013

"Good rates of interest"

by sledge, 21 Jul 2013
Halifax current account is a good quality account
£5 a month payment when you pay £750 a month in
Account transfer can be problematic at times/account locked

"If you pay in £750 a month then you get £5 a month payment. I joined during the £100 incentive period where you need to have two direct debits coming out a month whoch you've transferred from your other account. Overall I have been fairly satisfied. However due to problems with a transfer of my standing orders/direct debits I have marked them down. They are worth going for once transfer is complete"

by matrix11001, 21 Jul 2013
Halifax current account
Reward per month
No other incentives

"Pay out 2 direct debits a month and in £1000 and they will give you £5 a month. Better than you would get with interest"

by linsay, 20 Jul 2013

"Pays me £5 a month for paying salary in - what more do you want me to say"

by timwall02, 20 Jul 2013

"very high overdraft fees"

by joann10, 20 Jul 2013
Halifax bank account are they worth having
Friendly staff
Takes a while for statement o be updatex

"Helpful staff and good opening hours"

by katiel, 20 Jul 2013
Halifax Ultimate Reward is a great account
Travel insurance is great for us as we travel a lot
No Negatives

"This account provides Travel Insurance, Car Breakdown insurance and Mobile Phone Insurance for £10 per month"

by Stoopid, 20 Jul 2013

"All customer service staff very helpful. Go out of their way to help and provide answers to any questions."

by anncur, 20 Jul 2013

"Simple to manage online & coordinate with other accounts."

by GinaStarling, 19 Jul 2013

"i have used the Halifax for a number of years now and found the staff at my local branch very professional in there job.plus i can access my money or pay into my account at many locations othere than my local branch"

by lordvagas, 19 Jul 2013
rewards accounts
£5 cash cash back each month and free travel insurance.
making claims is difficult

"had to have 1000/month comign in which is a lot."

by abhabu, 19 Jul 2013

"Seems to be the same set up and Lloyds TSB but I have never had any issues with regard to logging in or dealing with account issues"

by eshybaby, 19 Jul 2013

"Gives you all you need & excellent online banking site"

by pparki, 19 Jul 2013

"No fees and rewards £5 per month if you pay in enough money per month, I have two of these acounts & the wife has 1 so in theory you could transfer the same £1000 between the three acounts via standing order and make £180 a year for doing so. Easy money!!"

by stullric, 19 Jul 2013

"I have been with Halifax for over 8 years now and my current account was upgraded a couple of years ago to the reward Current Account, the reward is small and insignificant but in the end it works out to be better than most of the savings accounts offered by Halifax, which in my opinion are no good."

by harjit4U2NV, 19 Jul 2013
Halifax seem to cut costs at every opportunity
Local, easy access
They do not put in enough effort to maintain customer base.

"This is a rich company, it iis in every town high street yet they appear to be cutting costs and levying bank charges like confetti"

by Hebburnlad, 18 Jul 2013

"very good"

by wjg, 14 Jul 2013

"Halifax cover the cost of me going into my overdraft by giving me a fiver every month. I believe this is ending shortly and I will look about for somewhere else. They wouldn't let me swith back to a current account that didn't reward me, but also didn't charge me for going over drawn. That saddened me."

by JulesM, 12 Jul 2013
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