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"Our car has broken down during our ski ing holiday. It was collected promptly and has gone away for repair. Hopefully this will be carried out competently and in time for us to return home, as promised. Our cover included a hire car. This has not been forthcoming although it has been promised. It is now 24 hours after the breakdown. We have lost a days ski ing unnecessarily due to waiting for promised call backs from the company ('in half an hour' which have not..." more

by Nibelik, 2 months ago3 responses

"Brown down today on the m1 and green flag came out to me and with in 45 mins the lads name is J.Sims he really looked after me made sure i had a coat on and i was warm told me if i like i can sit in his van to get warm he looked at my car and with in 5 mins he came back to me and said i no whats up with it and explain it to me and he said i need a jubilee clip and he looked in his tool box and he did not have a big jubilee clip but he said don.t worry sir we will..." more

by raigun, 2 months ago

"My Son, daughter and her husband were left waiting seven & half hours today at Cambridge Services. This was to be a three day holiday for them & the first time we have seen each other for twelve months. If Green Flag had lived up to their pledge they were to get back home & drive back down to Kent today in another car but regret Green Flag has ruined a family reunion by faling to carry out their pledge & boast. How can you recommend a company that..." more

by roger3, 27 Aug 20131 response

"1st Time: After queuing for 25 minutes I my call was answered. After making my enquiry I was put on hold again. After another 25 minutes I gave up. 2nd Time: After queuing for 30 minutes I gave up. 3rd Time: After queuing for 20 minutes I gave up. This time I called back and said I wanted to renew my quote rather than amend my policy. I was not held in a queue at all and was put straight through. I was told that because I had originally taken out the policy online..." more

by ahoggarth, 9 Aug 2013
Green Flag was very competitive
Costs can rise after the first year

"when renewing my wife's breakdown the cost went up quite considerably"

by tonyp24, 21 Jul 2013

"We get this free with our current account, only claimed once and it was dealt with fine"

by donnah9, 20 Jul 2013

"The offers sound fantastic. I have been fortunate as not to need to utilise yet"

by ozzies, 20 Jul 2013

"quick, no hasse,l just the greatest."

by ingall, 19 Jul 2013

"Paid for with insurance policy but very reasonable"

by buffee, 19 Jul 2013
Green Flag breakdown cover is excellent
Excellent service
None or I would change provider

"Green flag breakdown cover is excellent, your never kept waiting for too long, they mechanics are friendly and nothing's too much trouble"

by Terrileighd, 19 Jul 2013

"Have had to call out a couple of times & service has been first class"

by pparki, 19 Jul 2013
Green Flag breakdown
Instant service
Expensive for additional european cover

"Used once for a call out and came quickly"

by strokeman, 14 Jul 20131 response
Green Flag Breakdown Cover
Good quote and backing of Direct Lne.
Poor past experience.

"I was previously with Green Flag 3 years ago and had a poor experience with their nominated rescue company. However they gave me a good quote in the last week and I have gone back to them with reservations."

by jimdun, 12 Jul 2013

"Very good when needed. Not used often"

by shepv, 10 Jul 2013
Green Flag - none better
Great prices, fast, excellent call out service
I'll get back to you if I think of anything

"These guys use a different model to the "big fish", so a locally based garage will turn up quickly, you won't have to wait for an AA van that's parked on a motorway bridge about 75 miles away. Whenever I've had to use GF, they've ALWAYS been there within an hour - in fact only once has it taken over 30 mins. On top of which, they're cheaper than the big guys too."

by petewins57, 9 Jul 2013

"best quote for cover given"

by carlac, 3 Jul 2013
Green Flag Breakdown Insurance
Reduction in renewal price if delay in Call out
No 'no Claims '

"Good Price but can beat by combining with Car Ins"

by Muggo, 3 Jul 2013

"Rapid response when I've had to use them. Friendly, helpful engineers"

by robertc53, 3 Jul 2013
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