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Bad banking experience.
Poor internal comms. Notes not updated.

"After 15+ yrs with this bank and a spell of unemployment they withdrew my banking facilities and gave me 2 hrs to clear out any funds. All after allowing me to run up a £3500 overdraft while out of work. I later found out that I should have had 30 days notice in writing. Poor service, bad internal communications. Certainly not 'a family member' as their recent advertising implied. I am now complaining to the Financial Ombudsman. I recommend ALL phone calls..." more

by JonathanT, 3 weeks ago2 responses
First Direct current account
Good security,accessible,opportunity to earn interest
None at the moment

"Just opened account with above,after 25 years with Nat West.Must say very impressed with security and accessibility.Also give you option to channel cash into a regular saver account,giving you 6 percent,and £100 on joining,which is precisely £100 more than I received from Nat west."

by johnson90, 2 months ago1 response
Rubbish customer services
joining incentive - if you get it
very slow responses to e mails which didnt address questions

"Delays of between 2 and 6 weeks for responses to queries using their secure messaging service ; the responses didnt answer the questions i'd asked (they appeared to be templates rather than properly considered responses) - secure messaging or an 0845 number to call, not much of a choice if you're calling from a mobile Due to these delays I didnt organise the account swap in the time limit - meaning i missed out on the joining incentive - despite this only being by..." more

by edwar16, 3 months ago1 response
First Direct - Rather Last Direct
Incompetent, Slow, Ignore call back requests. Poor Instructions

"I am absolutely appalled by my experience with their customer > service. > > I made an application and completed it on the 1st of > November 2013. It took a number of chasing calls to actually > get to talk to someone about the status of my application on > 21st of November. > I was told I passed all the necessary checks and then went > with the customer service advisor to some questions about > saving accounts transfer. I quoted the..." more

by march36, 3 months ago3 responses
First Direct - Last Resort - Final Straw!
UK call centres, no menus, free 24hr banking, polite, apologetic staff
Complicated switching, ill-informed, poorly trained customer services.

"On the 5th July I left a review, which you can read below, explaining the problems we had trying to set up an switch online. At that point we gave up and thought never again. However, our current bank, HSBC are so poor - no 24hr banking unless you pay for it and call centres in India - we tried out of sheer desperation to switch again. We ran into exactly the same problems, plus some others, but with frequent 'phone calls eventually they were sorted and we got..." more

by caslondon, 5 months ago

"Using automatic emails to communicate with people and not getting back to them is not my idea of good customer service, especially if you're trying to attract new customers. Had to call them each time to get a reaction and was told to do all their work for them. After I sent them the paperwork (yes, paperwork, don't be fooled that it takes 15 minutes online) they said my water bill is not good enough because it only displayed my second name - a stupid reason, since..." more

by cristiananton, 3 Oct 2013

"I have been a customer about 15 years & they are only going from good to great. This morning my daily free text mini-statement alerted me to a web company having debited me for a full year's fee - when I had meant to cancel the free 2-weeks trial. FD acted perfectly throughout, excellent on the phone, gave me the full legal gen, tried to call the company for me - but as they took so long too answer gave me the freefone number with full info on what to do once..." more

by isande, 11 Sep 2013
First Direct Telephone/Online Banking
Excellent Customer Service and always open for business.

"Without a shadow of a doubt, First Direct is BY FAR, the best bank I have ever used. They have set the standard at Gold and to date, no other bank has even come close. I have been with them since they first opened and have never looked back."

by TraceyD123, 13 Aug 2013

"Super rate super service"

by david_h92, 21 Jul 2013

"Deal with humans in the UK"

by david_h92, 21 Jul 2013

"No issues, satisfied customer."

by tyden, 21 Jul 2013

"Always get through quickly on the phone. The online banking system is very efficient. It has everything we need from a bank."

by tyden, 20 Jul 2013

"First Direct are a very fair bank with very good customer services and fair charges. They have assisted me numerous times with problems."

by alanpres, 20 Jul 2013

"Provides good customer service with good interest rates."

by bcface, 20 Jul 2013
First Direct Mortgage
Good deal: renegotiated twice to a satisfactory rate
Process can be prolonged, although not always within FD control.

"Excellent mortgage deal with FD, although very stringent lending conditions! Took a long time to convince them of our ability to pay mortgage, although nice dealing with a responsible lender."

by gowlan, 20 Jul 2013

"An excellent bank, usually with someone to talk to within three rings."

by gowlan, 20 Jul 2013
First direct of hsbc
Pleasant and polite staffs.
Can't find any negative points.

"I've joined this telephone banking since First Direct was launched way back in 1996. It is a very Efficient, reliable, and polite service. Good job the call centre is in Scotland. The staffs are very polite, cheerful, helpful and understanding people. Hooray!"

by rosie83, 19 Jul 2013
First Direct -90 day saving plan
good interest rate
only lasts for one year

"Its a very good plan only requires 90 day notice and has a very good interest rate."

by jrwynt, 19 Jul 2013
Amazing customer service
Customer service
Interest rates

"Rates aren't great at the moment, but customer service is excellent. Plus you can call them pretty much whenever, do everything easily online, etc. Miles better than any other bank I've used."

by lauraju89, 19 Jul 2013

"Good to be able to deal with someone promptly, with no waiting"

by susand66, 19 Jul 2013
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