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FFrees Family Finance -
Its free to open and account, no credit check
system failures, renamed/rebranded dissolved trading name/company

"I opened a FFrees account mainly because it was free compared to other companies that offer no credit check accounts such as think money and card one banking. I was impressed at the look of the website and was intrigued by their savings plans. I thought this could be good compared to my regular bank. I heard that some serious business investors have dumped 2 million pounds into the project and with the FSA passing regulations regarding e-money I thought it would be..." more

by GlenB76, 2 months ago3 responses
Ffrees Card helps manage money
no overdraft, lower fees compared to other prepaid cards, free card
direct debit not yet available

"I have found this card helps me with money, after struggling with overdrafts with banks in the past, this card offers welcome relief. It's more of a basic bank account, so doesn't allow overdrafts, but will let me pay bills. It has a cashback-loyalty scheme included too. Unfortunately the card doesn't offer direct debits, but after asking their customer services, they say this is coming soon. The card is free, and as long as I pay so much money in monthly,..." more

by jcrump, 3 months ago

"This account is free and it helps me save up. Their service is good too. I REALLY LIKE THE IDEA OF SPENDING and SAVING UP. This is unique as far as I can tell. Clever. I have already got a saving pit of £73 which I can cash out when I want. The account came with a VISA debit card, and it looks really smart, not tacky and cheap like so many other cards. And I was able to get an account without any credit checks (which was just as well as I have a unfortunate..." more

by zchchec, 3 months ago1 response
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Ffrees Family Finance Ltd Reviews
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