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"Purchased a prepaid card for use in Vancouver but discovered that the ATM's at various major Canadian Banks would not accept the card. We tried many ATM's and did find one or two where we could draw out quite small amounts of cash. Don't know the explanation for the card not to work well in Vancouver ATM's"

by sunshi64, 3 months ago
Fair F X travel cash
Does what it says on the tin
Absolutely no negatives

"Used many times , great company to deal with. Thanks to all the staff, have a superb Christmas"

by Cookiie, 4 months ago3 responses

"I have had a euro card for several years and always get the best exchange rate. Customer service is excellent and delivery of currency second to none. Would and have recommended to anyone who listens"

by Soulsister, 4 months ago
Reliable, cheap, but inconvenience with very large notes
reliable, best rates available
high value notes that are difficult to spend

"I've used Fair FX 4 times in the last year and they've always delivered on time, they've always been the best exchange rate at the time and the notes have always been excitingly crisp and brand new. However..... They ALWAYS provide inconvenient notes! Examples: Ordered Egyptian currency - most notes were high denomination - when it's reeeeeally hard to get change in Egypt. I also ordered £1000 in Euros - £600 of it was in 100 Euro notes. SEVEN NOTES..." more

by info90, 11 Oct 2013

"I purchased 230,00 Japanese yen from this company and received only 23,000. That is a discrepancy of over £1300.00 They have so far failed to provide the missing currency and seem incapable of informing their customers about what is happening. I have managed to find a telephone number for them. if you have any problems ring 02077789300."

by mur49, 1 Oct 2013
FairFX are a joke of a company.
Average rates when abroad.
Standard bank cards are cheaper/Terrible customer service/Thieves

"Having used the card abroad to mixed success (and halfway through my trip realising it was cheaper to use my normal bank card anyway), I returned home with some money still left on the card. FairFX won't let you take any of your own money back off the card without stupid extra charges, even when you're in the UK and are withdrawing you're own money. It's absolutely ridiculous. Then after having their customer services tell me that they were fully entitled to..." more

by willisj69, 26 Sep 2013

"Ordered currency which didnt arrive within agreed timescale. 2 weeks later I am still waiting for a refund. Would never use this company again."

by girlra, 19 Aug 2013
FairFX - NO support whilst overseas
Accepted everywhere
Absolutely NO support whatsoever

"I loaded my card with $600 this morning, this was about the fourth top up during my 3 week holiday in Florida. 8 hours later it is still being processed.They took the money from my account and have not credited my card. Any UK number listed does not work, no response to emails. My plans for the day had to be cancelled and I have lost a day off my holiday. Thanks a bunch FairFX - I will be using another provider from now on."

by matt48, 4 Aug 2013

"Just been to France on holiday purchased fairfx euro card for the trip . The card was preloaded for use on holiday. The main purpose of the card was to avoid charges using cards abroad but on several occasions the card was declined resulting in other cards being used and charges incurred. I complained to fairfx to be told petrol stations and toll roads can't check balance on cards and to protect fairfx from cards going into negative balance the transaction would be..." more

by dafyou, 29 Jul 2013

"70% of my cash sent in. 100 euro notes even after requesting nothing larger than a 50! Told if I took them into there office they would change them, and of course you are expected to pay for the travel costs yourself. Never had these problems with travelex and they will match the rates. AVOID at all cost....."

by Crapfx, 29 Jul 2013

"I have never used this site before, in fact I have never spent so much money in one go online before !!! I did feel quite nervous and read the reviews first. Then decided to give it a try...... Well, I am sooo impressed, it was easy, the currency arrived next day as promised and I have no qualms about recommending it to anyone who may be unsure. Thankyou Fair FX for delivering as promised. One less thing to worry about before going on my holiday."

by lesleyv33, 27 Jul 2013
Euro card - Beware hidden costs!
OK in large cities abroad
Costly card renewal/ cacellation.

"This card was bought (£10 cost) in 2010. I used it easily in Dubrovnik but couldn't find anywhere accepting it in Sorrento, Italy 2012. I was rather shocked to get an email in 2013 requesting £5.95 to renew the card before it's expiry date or pay £10 (standard charge) to transfer the remaining funds back to my bank. From my experience I think this card is good in theory but limited in practice and especially if you don't travel a lot or go to..." more

by hilary7587, 23 Jul 2013

"Convenient way to spend holiday funds."

by tyden, 20 Jul 2013

"Got this to use as was told it would prevent credit card charges which was untrue"

by linsay, 20 Jul 2013
FairFx does great travel money
Online Account Access, Email rate offers

"I have 2 cards with FairFx at the moment. I have just received an email telling me one is due to expire shortly which is great as I had no idea! The often send emails telling you that an extremely good offer is available on Euro or Dollar cards. The money doesn't expire & the online access means it's really easy to see where you've spent your money & how much you have left. Topping up is also easy with a variety of ways to do so."

by Chanpagne, 19 Jul 2013

"Very useful on,holiday"

by daze, 6 Jul 2013

"Excellent service both with pre paid card and delivery of monies arrived in less than 24 hours would recommend to anyone to easy to do"

by marsde76, 5 Jul 2013

"I first got a dollar card from fairfx in 2008 when I was working for six months in the states. It was perfect for what I needed. My friends, who had competing travel cards, had to rely on family members at home to top up their cards while I had the ease of just logging onto my account. The rates always seem to be about the best that I could get hold of and the system is just easy. I now have the Euro card as well and I have absolutely no complaints."

by Crayon, 4 Jul 2013

"Easy to top up and great value"

by cnelson, 3 Jul 2013

"easy to use and good rates"

by AJay1, 3 Jul 2013
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