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upset and scared !!!!!
road side recovery man was very nice amd help calm me
felt as though aa didnt care and ripped off

"today I was stranded on a duel carriage way with a flat tire tryin to get home before my little Girl got out of school very upset and worried what did aa do ? Instead of sending someone straightaway they made me go though aloads of info stuff then made me pay before sending anyone I begged for them to send someone then whilst waiting I would pay but was made to wait longer then nessasery till my payment went through so my little girl was left waiting on her own..." more

by joann6, 3 weeks ago5 responses

"Purchased brc cover £253. I have broken down twice this year and both times they didnt pay out towards my cost. Both breakdowns where engine related and on both they found a way of not paying out. They have just sent through a renewal for this year for £328. Why would anyone on earth pay £328 for a policy they advised would cover breakdown cost and doesnt. I asked howmuch just breakdown would be. £110 and they are advertising it on there..." more

by UnhappyAACust, 3 weeks ago3 responses
Don't waste you money, you get what you pay for in this case.
Absolutely no positives come to mind.
Zero flexibility, zero customer service.

"I have a policy with this company but unfortunately I forgot to inform them that I had a new car. Today I called them to ask them to come out to my broken down car and they refused on the grounds that my policy still had the old Ford Mondeo on it. I apologised, explained I forgot and asked them to update my details so that they could send someone to look a my vehicle. Start Rescue refused point blank and insisted on bleating on about the policy etc. When I told..." more

by sherry79, 3 weeks ago3 responses
If you're a man, they don't care
Good if you're a woman stranded on her own in a carpark
long wait times, make excuses, unhelpful

"I have had a few emergencies in my car in the past. I called the AA, they were with me in 15 minutes. Can't complain. The same thing happens to my husband and it's like he's dealing with a completely different company...the first time he was waiting for 5 HOURS before they said they couldn't get out to him. If he hadn't managed to rescue himself he would have spent the night in a dodgy part of town (somewhere you wouldn't want to leave a soft top) in an unheated..." more

by raina2, 1 month ago2 responses

"We have had AA Breakdown Repair Cover with the AA and our cambelt broke. The AA patrolman came out and confirmed it was a broken cambelt and told me I was covered by the AA Breakdown Repair Cover and towed me to a garage to get it fixed, which I did. The AA have refused to pay my claim. I suggest that anyone with a problem with the AA not paying out should go straight to the Insurance Ombudsman to sort it out. Do NOT take them not paying as the last resort. Write..." more

by patrici60, 1 month ago2 responses

"Our car has broken down during our ski ing holiday. It was collected promptly and has gone away for repair. Hopefully this will be carried out competently and in time for us to return home, as promised. Our cover included a hire car. This has not been forthcoming although it has been promised. It is now 24 hours after the breakdown. We have lost a days ski ing unnecessarily due to waiting for promised call backs from the company ('in half an hour' which have not..." more

by Nibelik, 1 month ago3 responses

"Been with the aa for about 3 years never had a need for a call out my. Renewal price is a joke but I need the peace of mind. Called today for service just a flat battery in mcdonalds car park I had my 2 young ones in my car 18 months & 30 months this was 5 .20pm was told that they would not be with me until 6.55pm The car was very. Very cold but because I was not in a dangerous place I was not a priority Needless to say I will not be with them next year and if..." more

by Sheao, 2 months ago1 response
RAC "Kevin my hero"
Sheer and utter helpfulness

"Locked car keys, house keys, handbag etc in car this morning. Did not realise that when I opened car by passenger door to put above in and then shut it again to go round to drivers side that everything immediately locked! Panic stricken, freezing cold, but with the help of very friendly shopkeeper who allowed me to wait and called RAC, through to RAC customer service staff and eventually Kevin who got me back in car so easily am now back home in the dry. Brilliant..." more

by lesley95, 2 months ago3 responses

"Brown down today on the m1 and green flag came out to me and with in 45 mins the lads name is J.Sims he really looked after me made sure i had a coat on and i was warm told me if i like i can sit in his van to get warm he looked at my car and with in 5 mins he came back to me and said i no whats up with it and explain it to me and he said i need a jubilee clip and he looked in his tool box and he did not have a big jubilee clip but he said don.t worry sir we will..." more

by raigun, 2 months ago
Britannia Rescue
Reliable and prompt
A bit pricey but, in my opinion, worth it

"I have been a customer for several years and never been disappointed in the service they provide. This year the cost is £87 - not cheap but me and my wife are covered in both our cars. Home start and foreign travel included on my policy but are available"

by Norfolk_Bloke, 2 months ago
drive24-7 worst ever.
quick to answer phone
do not listen

"bought this breakdown cover as i am disabled and I was going down south 335 miles to my daughters for a weekend visit. when I was leaving for home the car would not start so I called company and they sent out a guy to start it but with no luck. I asked for my car to be recovered to my home address under the national recovery option but they said I could only be taking to a local garage, seems the other two options of to my final destination or my home address were..." more

by ricky_a56, 14 Oct 2013

"My Son, daughter and her husband were left waiting seven & half hours today at Cambridge Services. This was to be a three day holiday for them & the first time we have seen each other for twelve months. If Green Flag had lived up to their pledge they were to get back home & drive back down to Kent today in another car but regret Green Flag has ruined a family reunion by faling to carry out their pledge & boast. How can you recommend a company that..." more

by roger3, 27 Aug 20131 response

"if you call them to find out if its covered. Thats counted as a claim! Audi wanted £150 an hour to check the car, turned out to be simple fault, no general work needs. But if you then call them, they recover the car then you have to prove that is not the fault (cant prove no work done, even though they checked the car and can see that) save your money, just pure profit for them #scam"

by rober51, 22 Aug 20133 responses

"1st Time: After queuing for 25 minutes I my call was answered. After making my enquiry I was put on hold again. After another 25 minutes I gave up. 2nd Time: After queuing for 30 minutes I gave up. 3rd Time: After queuing for 20 minutes I gave up. This time I called back and said I wanted to renew my quote rather than amend my policy. I was not held in a queue at all and was put straight through. I was told that because I had originally taken out the policy online..." more

by ahoggarth, 9 Aug 2013
Avoid the AA - they are dishonest and take money without permission.
Dishonest, underhanded, hide behind small words, average service

"Basically they hide or make difficult to spot words within their online sign up web site which means that they pretty much help themselves to your money via direct debit and then say "I told you so" when you question them. I signed up recently as my partner was pregnant and I wanted some peace of mind while she was driving. I paid what I understood to be my first months instalment - only to find they had helped themselves to more money 2 weeks later...." more

by robtys, 9 Aug 20134 responses
QDOS / Aria Breakdown Assistance - Brilliant!
Service, high quality staff, going the extra mile
delay in repatriation of vehicle from Europe

"I used QDOS rescue because they offered Euro cover and, wouldn't you know it, I broke down in France. The car wasn't roadworthy, and left us 2hrs from the nearest town. Aria, who actually provided the rescue service, were astonishing. My breakdown assistant, who dealt with my entire experience, was bilingual and able to deal directly with local French mechanics and hire firms, where my own language skills would have fallen short - a huge help. Cutting a 2-day..." more

by matt_k, 30 Jul 2013
BEWARE!! Mis-selling breakdown repair cover, Autorenewal without notifying
Can't think of any
They wiggle out of claims and renew without asking

"We had an Audi A4 and As part of breakdown cover they try and sell you breakdown repair cover which they say you can claim upto £500 less £35 excess. I agreed to add that as a protection but when the engine failed, they rejected the claim saying it was wear and tear. How can engine failure be wear and tear??? Also they kept my payment details from previous year and renewed the policy without even notifying me noticed the charge on the credit card I..." more

by Mister_K, 30 Jul 2013
Asda Money Breakdown Cover
Free with comprehensive car insurance.

"Came free with my Asda car insurance so who am I to complain"

by mckenziemotors, 22 Jul 2013
AA breakdown cover
prompt service and very, very good

"when required the AA man went above and beyond call of duty -very pleased with service"

by gwynne, 22 Jul 2013

"I had a very bad experience with their relay service having 5 different breakdown trucks as well as being left at a service area in the middle of the night for over an hour. As I was alone I didn't find this acceptable. The trucks were not all AA and I definitely was unhappy with the treatment."

by Gingerhair, 21 Jul 2013
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