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"Although l have small account with them l am very happy with the bank"

by yvonn6, 20 Jul 2013
Barclays everyday saving does what it promises
Someone is always at hand to advise you
Me not having enough to save

"At the moment due to the budget squeeze i am not able to take full advantage of theis product"

by brown120, 19 Jul 20131 response
Barclays Bank Account
Online. Lots of branches,
The odd error her and there in store.

"Really like the online facilities where you can manage everything so easily without being confusing. Branches normally very helpful."

by scottch55, 19 Jul 20131 response
Barclays online saver
being able to move money
lower rates of interest

"This account allows me to switch money from one account to another easily so when I get extra funds I can save a little more easily."

by sagojago, 19 Jul 2013

"Easy online access that is secure with a chip and pin device"

by Lindsay5, 19 Jul 20131 response

"Save money in it but not very good interest rates. However easy access if needed."

by k2jill, 19 Jul 20131 response

"Flexible account"

by diana_p9, 19 Jul 20131 response

"Barclays saving account is great and to the point. I have a separate card so if I need to I can just withdraw. I do not have to go in directly to the bank."

by amymel, 19 Jul 20131 response

"Barclays ISA, not the best rate but there aren't any others"

by Rodonoghue, 19 Jul 2013
Barclays isa, savings and current accounts
Easy, flexible, and from the smallest savings to the largest isas
I've not come across any negatives at all

"Really easy and fair bank to deal with, always happy to help with any problems or concerns and nothing is too much"

by Terrileighd, 19 Jul 20131 response

"Not massive interest rate but helps me name pots to ensure I keep specific savings seperate"

by Poplah, 19 Jul 2013

"Online banking is good product. Branches could be open at more conveniant times"

by ogmeister, 19 Jul 20131 response
Barclays debit card convenience
convenience and loyalty
interest rates well below competitors

"account held owing to past loyalties and undecided on future direction"

by brian8, 16 Jul 20131 response
Barclays Savings Account
Customer services
Rate not that competitive

"Good rate & easy to contact customer services"

by Rico, 14 Jul 2013

"Barclays let me know which is the best savings account when the interest rates change, they are always helpful and friendly"

by lamby55, 12 Jul 2013

"Great customer service"

by sanyula, 8 Jul 2013
barclays savings account
easy to deal with
low interest

"good basic savings account-easy to manage but low savings rates barclays easy to find on the high street you get what you expect"

by suegaz, 4 Jul 2013

"easy to use account, easy online and phone banking"

by robygirluk, 4 Jul 2013
Barclays additions active account
Additional benefits
monthly charge

"Has all the benefits I want in an account, with additional inbuilt accounts to move money around."

by billythebobby, 4 Jul 2013
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