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BT Infinity - Refuse To Have It!
It's a bit faster than wire
No communication, no flexibilty, hidden costs

"Infinity is just an excuse by BT to monopolise the market and screw the customers. In this area, there are fewer fibre service providers available... mostly BT and Plusnet (who are bt-owned), and of course the prices go up. Any problems, bad luck. Apart from India, they only communicate by computer, by voicemail, or by texting and it's all one-way; you cannot discuss problems with a human being. I didn't need a router, I've already got 3 from BT, but I couldn't..." more

by dper, 1 week ago1 response

"total and absolute rubbish, I bought the package on recommendation, it's slow and frequently cuts out in spite of me purchasing boosters ect. BT engineers (to talk to them cost £35-00) said I must be living next to a power station (nearest one 25 miles away) then asked if the walls of my house were made of steel!! Can't wait for contract to finish. DON'T BUY. Ron Rowbottom."

by bugsy1944, 3 weeks ago2 responses
Customer lack of service
good speed when it works
it doesn't work and BT couldn't care less.

"BT Infinity is fast but cuts out often. Customer service are useless and their policy is never to send out engineers, however many problems you have. I live in a normal 3 bed house in London and the router continually cuts out, especially when I move around. I tried changing the channels 3 times, but this just made it worse. Tech support said it might be because the router was near electrical equipment (thanks for not mentioning it beforehand!) so I got new leads..." more

by EwanHussami, 1 month ago2 responses
BT Infinity not so Infinite.....
Its good whilst it lasts.
It never lasts.

"Absolutely awful. The worst Broadband connection I've ever had. Genuinely thinking the whole product may have been a joke, a set up by BT to make the buyer go crazy. Its literally awful. DO NOT GET THIS BROADBAND OR ANY PACKAGE IT OFFERS!!!!! Thats all I can say...... Awful."

by jonty1, 1 month ago2 responses
BT Infinity - poor attitude of engineer, broad speed no faster.
None so far. I wish I had looked at different providers
Poor service, installation, does not work, seems impossible to correct

"I had an engineer around this afternoon to fit BT Infinity. To say he could not be bothered is an understatement. He left having not installed correctly and with no change in our broadband speed. I do not believe that it has been fitted correctly. 75 minutes later on the phone to BT has only confirmed that the speed is slow but no rectification proposed so far. It makes me feel the I am being difficult when all I want is for BT Infinity to be fitted properly and..." more

by gary1h, 1 month ago1 response
BT Customer Service - Shocking
Infinity 2 speed (in my area anyway)
Ludicrous customer service

"WOW. What an awful company. I switched over from Sky Broadband last May '13, as the current infrastructure only offered me up to 2Mbps, in reality it was only 0.7Mbps. BT had a fibre backbone, so could offer much higher speeds. I clocked it at around 79Mbps once it was installed!! After 2 missed appointments, and 2 days off work on my part, I finally had it installed. As a goodwill gesture for wasting my time, the guy on the phone offered me my first 3 months..." more

by ParkyParky, 2 months ago4 responses
BT Infinity usage
Speed better and more reliable
metered usage immediately up 50% and now more than doubled in 3 months

"For 10 years we were with ZEN internet; our maximum monthly usage was no more than 8GB. Switched to BT Home Hub and in first month usage was 12 GB- and similar in months 2 and 3. Then upgraded to BT Infinity and have just had a notice to warn we've used 18GB of our 20GB. We have not changed our internet usage, don't download films etc but since moving to BT we've gone from 8GB to 18GB usage. Any advice or observations welcome"

by royap, 2 months ago4 responses
BT infinity problem after problem
Quick to arrange installation
Truly terrible customer service

"After moving house and finding our virgin fibre optic was unavailable in the area u thought we would give the BT infinity a try as it was heavily advertised in the area. After a lengthy 3 hour install time and having to chase our you view and home hub across several post offices I thought the worst was behind us, how wrong was I, a week later and we still don't have either a constant Internet connection or tv package. Their "customer service" is woeful..." more

by BobbyC114, 10 Sep 20131 response

"So having endured years of poor download speeds with Talk talk/tiscali/free serve yes I was a customer that long, when I recently moved house I decided it had to be either Virgin fibre or BT infinity. Virgin hAdnt cabled my street, so I went for BT infinity unlimited at £44 odd a month. It was installed on time last Thursday and worked great for all of 4 and a bit days but died Tuesday morning. Logged a fault call and they aim to fix it by Friday. So as I..." more

by Infinitymyass, 10 Sep 2013

"Don't use BT Infinity for online gaming. Previously had standard BT broadband and all was fine. "Upgraded" to Infinity and although speeds seem faster (not actually tested but feels faster) online gaming is frustrating as the connection randomly drops 5 to 6 times a day. Not noticeable on a laptop but any momentary drop in connection boots you out of the servers when gaming. Won't be using BT again."

by seyuh, 7 Aug 20131 response
BT infinity seems to work as well as it says on the package
Higher Internet speed and a new hub and modem
Customer services, Aghhhhhhhhh!

"BT infinity , my recent upgrade, does seem to be working well, I hate the Indian call centre which causes me no end of irritation when something goes wrong. The customer services is definitely poor although you occasionally get lucky with a skilled or helpful assistant but often are not listened to . The engineer who upgraded my Broadband was meant to be off work that day and had been called in unexpectedly. He was reasonably efficient but very distracted during my..." more

by loisbe, 22 Jul 2013
Broadband Infinity
you can upgrade at any time

"Very quick and easy to use."

by mags17, 20 Jul 2013
BT Infinity - Is that just a reference to the cost?
Connection is quite good, but with occasional drop-outs.
Most expensive fibre-optic bb deal out there.

"Pretty much does what it says on the tin, but the price bands are quite extortionate!"

by kmulroue, 20 Jul 2013
BT Infinity landlines
For emergeny use only
Expensive and Indian call centre is a pain

"Had to have this landline for emergency purposes. Customer service is not very efficient. Call centre directed to India which is a pain. The line rental is expensive compared to other supplier. No other extra beneifts offers to regular customer. This institution is rather GREEDY."

by rosie83, 19 Jul 2013
BT Infinity Broadband
Call centre in India is a pain

"BT Infinity broadband is quite fast, but slight expensive"

by rosie83, 19 Jul 2013

"This is anew product not enough time to do a review"

by brown120, 19 Jul 2013
Great broadband, poor customer service
Speed, capacity
Customer Service, Lack of internal communication

"BT seem to waver around whether or not BT Infinity is available in an area. They told me I couldn't have it, but when pressed further agreed. I love Infinity it is excellent, but as well as the hassle I also had my order cancelled twice (not by me) without my knowledge. If they can't get you by phone they never ever email or write! My friend has had much the same problem with customer service and she has not been able to get infinity. I wouldn't recommend their non..." more

by debs9, 19 Jul 2013
BT infinity broadband works
continuity of service
really grumpy engineer installed it

"Upgraded to infinity as exisitng broadband kept dropping out - this works well"

by chinkles, 19 Jul 2013

"We had recently bought a house and wanted by infinity installed as it was meant to be the fastest broadband and boy I wish I'd never had it installed, firstly the engineer took half a day to install it because he couldn't get a signal and when he did it didn't seem as fast as they showed on the tv, so we called bt who said oh we couldn't fit infinity so until we do we won't charge you but you are on the basic Internet package, then after a couple of months we end..." more

by vdanie, 19 Jul 2013

"a great service never breaks down"

by lordvagas, 19 Jul 2013
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