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"Badly trained, rude staff Still holding for a manager an hour later. I think this place runs out of a shed. Stay AWAY"

by money58, 2 hours ago
Capital One, Worst Company
No positives at all!
Rude and Unreliable.

"Terrible customer service, they are rude and they are unable to make a Decision. Unable to activate a card. The head office manager!! ( Mr Amar Deb ) and one of the customer adviser ( Krista Hawhownam ) if the spelling is right, they were unable to activate a credit card! They loss costumers easily! Never recommend."

by Someone, 4 hours ago
Disappointment with John Lewis Home Insurance
The John Lewis Brand name provides security ?
Obviously bad value for money and a hit-and-miss service offering

"Like many I have always had a good impression of the John Lewis stores but I must admit they do not seem to match that with their insurance offering - 4 (yes FOUR) times the price of a policy exactly the same with another provider and no response to enquiries or emails to their main 'enquiries' desk at JohnLewisSpecialistInsurance.com. I would advise treading carefully - WHY do these companies start trying to offer services they are not expert in ?? (By the way -..." more

by A-Chap, 19 hours ago

"Whilst having never made use of their online service or having my currency sent to my home address, what I can offer is a validation of their bureau service in..... Covent Garden. This is a small outlet but very customer focused. Whenever, I have required foreign currency, I look online here to see what rates they are offering, invariably these are better than many of the main and well known FX brands. Whether this is Dollars or Euros, I have never been..." more

by Parchester, 21 hours ago1 response
Plusnet Broadband and phone - Don't waste your money
Technical support (if you can get hold of them)
Do not believe their promises of cheap fees (they don't exist)

"Plusnet advertise £2.99 Broadband but it is extremely unlikely you will pay this. Monthly fees are more likely to jump to £14.99 as a minimum for the most basic service and then you'll end up paying Plusnet's excessive Extra Usage Allowance (and they won't ask you first). They will also add items to your bill without discussing them first (e.g. Plusnet Protect, whatever that is). I've ended up paying nearly £60 one month and that was despite the..." more

by Pudseywho, 22 hours ago

"Do not get invovled with these con men its a total rip off they have taken twenty pounds from my card and then refused all documents they requested and closed my account but they do not give back money they took from my debit card i am getting in touch with my debit card supplier and see if they can get it back has anyone any advice on this can my company get my money back but please avoid these con men"

by hen07, 1 day ago
Alliance Trust Savings Platform - going downhill
Online self-select platform, easy to use
Charges, customer service

"Alliance Trust Savings (ATS) used to be my favourite self-select share platform and I've had accounts with them for more than 10 years, but recently I've began moving my business away from them to other, better providers. Their charges have gone up and up through several massive hikes to the point where they are now more expensive for modest investors than most other platforms. At the same time, the speed and quality of service has got worse and worse. Not a good..." more

by pjr1969, 1 day ago

"Used my prepaid credit card when travelling abroad and never had an issue. Whenever I have had any queries, they have been answered promptly by their great customer service either via email or on Facebook. I would highly recommend FairFX."

by Alasdair, 1 day ago
Free Ideal Home Tickets with The Telegraph
Easy to follow links & easy to print off tickets.
Had to be used within a certain date.

"So easy! I didn't even have to buy a paper. I just clicked on the relevant link, completed my details then printed off my 2 free tickets to the Ideal Home Exhibition in London. Wicked day as I went on my birthday in March. Thank you so much! Donna Sugden."

by Sugsie, 1 day ago
FairFX prepaid Eurocard
Easy to use, uber convenient
You keep money tied up in Euros - that is a plus for me.

"I've used the FairFX Euro card for my holiday trips to Europe for a few years now. I can buy when the rate is good and I can budget for my trips by buying ahead. I don't incur silly credit card or bank charges, the FairFX fee is clear. If you travel to the Eurozone it's the only card you need."

by Nogmeister, 2 days ago1 response
Why you should avoid BT
Does provide internet (slow during peak times)
Usage cap, hidden charges, early billing, poor support, poor service

"First off, its far more expensive than a lot of other providers, and on top of that has hidden charges such as for not making enough calls in a period. Caps internet usage limits, and when approaching cap, supposed to send an e-mail telling you, however does not always e-mail and can result in you racking up a bigger bill as you don't know you're near the limit. BT will not let you off for this, as they are not contracted to send this e-mail, however you'd think..." more

by OwenGeraghty, 2 days ago

"Excellent rates on USD and Euro currency cards. Excellent customer service. Often run promotions that waiver initial card fee. Frequent competitions and highly visible on social media."

by MrMoaks, 2 days ago

"Phoned to activate my card and told me I needed to prove my address"

by stevey72, 2 days ago

"I have a metro business account you can never get on line it freezes crashes I then had £5200 taken from my account and they will not pay it back even though it is there online rubbish service that caused it do not touch it with a barge poll"

by ale1, 2 days ago

"If you want to ring Plusnet for any reason there is always at least a 30 minute queue and quite often you have to hold for 60 minutes, so frustrating and not acceptable. With this and poor staff knowledge leads to confusion and stress. Don't go near them with a barge pole."

by Coathanger, 2 days ago
Thieves who don't care about their customers and are incapable of listening to you
There are no positives to their service
Horrendous company - stay well clear (I wish I had)

"In 2011 whilst insured with Direct Line, I had an accident which the other party took full responsibility for and it was a no fault claim. Direct Line persuaded me they had to take my car to be valued, which turned out to be scrap value and not retail despite it being in excellent condition - they even valued it at less because it was dirty and the parcel shelf wasn't in (I have dogs), at no point did they say this was the last I would see of my car. At no point..." more

by zoe_2011, 2 days ago

"I took out this card to help with short term cash flow. I contacted them when my situation had improved and asked them to cancel my account and tell me how much I needed to pay to clear the outstanding balance. I was told how much and I paid this off. The following month they took £25 from my account and have charged me a monthly fee for the card and are now saying I owe them £60. Despite my asking to speak to a supervisor about this, their operative..." more

by ecosse10, 3 days ago
Nationwide Visa Chargeback
Normally good service
Totally unreasonable on this issue.

"Nationwide refunded a visa debit card charge after I complained that I had been scammed, then after receiving unsupportable information from the scamming company they GAVE my money away again even though they had been told not to do so. Despite Nationwide admitting that I might have been scammed they have refused to give me my money back. I now have to complain to the Ombudsman. Clearly they do not subscribe to the claim of putting the customer first."

by nigel45, 3 days ago
TalkTalk Package
Broadband is ok
Absolutely terrible customer services

"This is the worst company I have every dealt with. As others have said on this forum, the customer service is absolutely appalling. I've only been with them for two months, but they got my first bill wrong, having promised that they would not charge for connection, it turned up on my bill. I had an email showing that I had agreed this deal, but I still had to spend half an hour on the phone to their overseas customer services department, who seemed to have no..." more

by scarlettshoes, 3 days ago

"I just wanted to share my story with all the other users out there so that it may save someone else a lot time, stress and money as you will come to the same conclusion as me eventually. That conclusion is to say goodbye to virgin media. The problem is always with the broadband service. It started becoming extremely slow at times until you would get constant connection drop outs and time outs. The service was down regularly and I was left with no internet for..." more

by ashahi, 3 days ago
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