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"Thanks to Pure Cambogia Ultra that made me slim and able to flaunt my toned figure at the beach. This makes me feel healthy and energetic while suppresses my appetite that keeps me away from hunger cravings. http://purecambogiaultra-mexico.com"

by kimberk32, 2 hours ago1 response

"I took out this card to help with short term cash flow. I contacted them when my situation had improved and asked them to cancel my account and tell me how much I needed to pay to clear the outstanding balance. I was told how much and I paid this off. The following month they took £25 from my account and have charged me a monthly fee for the card and are now saying I owe them £60. Despite my asking to speak to a supervisor about this, their operative..." more

by ecosse10, 2 hours ago

"Goji Xtreme is an all characteristic weight reduction supplement that is made with goji berry to encourage a common fat blaze on your body. Making consistent utilization of this recipe keeps your muscle to fat ratio ratios upheld. Click here >>>> http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/KimbraReber/likes"

by lodsrani, 6 hours ago2 responses

"I replied to an on-line advert for free offer of a skin scream from Pureage-skin.com (a US company appearing to be UK based), which stated that the only cost was for £2.99 P&P, no other T&Cs in the advert. After 14 days this company took a further £72 from my account without my authority. I claimed the money back via my Nationwide debit card, but Nationwide have now given my money away to this scamming company again. The scamming company would..." more

by nigel45, 10 hours ago
Nationwide Visa Chargeback - lack of dilence
Normally good service
Totally unreasonable on this issue.

"Nationwide refunded a visa debit card charge after I complained that I had been scammed, then after receiving unsupportable information from the scamming company they GAVE my money away again even though they had been told not to do so. Despite Nationwide admitting that I might have been scammed they have refused to give me my money back. I now have to complain to the Ombudsman. Clearly they do not subscribe to the claim of putting the customer first."

by nigel45, 10 hours ago
Talk Talk Package
Broadband is ok
Absolutely terrible customer services

"This is the worst company I have every dealt with. As others have said on this forum, the customer service is absolutely appalling. I've only been with them for two months, but they got my first bill wrong, having promised that they would not charge for connection, it turned up on my bill. I had an email showing that I had agreed this deal, but I still had to spend half an hour on the phone to their overseas customer services department, who seemed to have no..." more

by scarlettshoes, 17 hours ago

"I just wanted to share my story with all the other users out there so that it may save someone else a lot time, stress and money as you will come to the same conclusion as me eventually. That conclusion is to say goodbye to virgin media. The problem is always with the broadband service. It started becoming extremely slow at times until you would get constant connection drop outs and time outs. The service was down regularly and I was left with no internet for..." more

by ashahi, 18 hours ago
Talktalk product and customer service - not fit for purpose
Little to recommend TalkTalk, in fact nothing?
Extremely poor service, product not fit for purpose - AVOID.

"Talktalk took over my previous supplier, since then I have added TV to Broadband and Phone. YouView TV product/technology is not fit for purpose, more than 12 calls in 14 months, product failed twice, customer service make all the right noises from the other side of the world. Why can you not speak to a support person in the UK. YouView box has failed for the second time, control repeated freezes, reset the box 4 times in one day, then it finally told me that it..." more

by ianmc69, 19 hours ago

"Terrible customer service. Be careful of their cancellation fees of 15% of the total premium, admin fee and claw back. Do not use discount insurance is my sincere advice. Read more: http://reviews.money.co.uk/review/101988-discount-insurance-london-w6-7ba-combined-building-and-contents-insurance.htm#ixzz2zRJncXbx"

by carlabs79, 21 hours ago
talktalk are full of lies amd rubbish, slow and incompetant
lies, incompetances, slow, full of excuses, steal money, overcharging.

"So I have had talktalk as a provider for my phone and internet since I lived in Gosport in September 2010, I then moved to Ely, Cambridgeshire in November 2011, and despite phoning and emailing them they were unable to transfer my phone and broadband until a month after I moved but that it turns out was the least of my problems, I added tv to my package when it became available and then in February 2014 I then moved to Benwick, Cambridgeshire and began trying to..." more

by paula_d62, 1 day ago1 response
Santander Cash ISAs
Higher interest rate
Went round in circles for ages before final transfer of one ISA!

"If you have a Santander 123 account, their cash ISAs for account holders offer a better rate of interest than what is generally available."

by Smith2468, 2 days ago3 responses
Santander 123 account
Good interest rate
Their phone numbers are expensive - I email my manager!

"I'm quite happy with this account and use it like a deposit account with as much cash in it as possible. Most of my bills are set up to go via direct debit from this account. All they ask for is a monthly deposit of £500 and for monthly bills to go from this a/c which suits me fine. Better than a proper deposit account. Their cash ISAs are slightly more generous for account holders."

by Smith2468, 2 days ago
Santander bank 123 Current Account
A better rate of interest if you have over £3,000 than ISAs etc
no guarantee that this will continue

"This account is amazing. You pay £2 per month and then get cash back on bills you pay such as council tax, utility bills etc. Also you receive interest on your balance, monthly, 1% for £1,000, 2% for £2,000 and 3% for balances over £3,000. This is far better than any cash ISA so long as you are not a higher rate tax payer."

by franc7, 2 days ago

"Goji Xtreme is an immaculate answer for individuals who experiences overwhelming body weight. The equation is formed with characteristic elements that helps one to shed pounds sooner. Consistent admission of this result provides for you quickest comes about than whatever possible item. Click here >>>> http://dudu.com/6279345"

by nolshavn, 2 days ago1 response
BT Broad Band Products and WIFI package
Been deceived... the wifi is total rubbish ..

"I have had continuous issues with the wifi and 6228kbps is not what I signed up for .... My ratings say it all. I would NOT recommend BT products or customer service in Mumbai ... The BT brand has been junked and people should move elsewhere enmasse."

by davidk96, 3 days ago

"Easy to apply and use Internet access to check spending great and can transfer from my account instantly :) interest free an added bonus"

by hw312131, 3 days ago
Highly dissapointed
Cheaper than the norm
Poor communication, not fit for purpose, quality of build is poor

"Having waited for two moths the order finally arrived. Flimsy, damp and covered with shavings they were far too small for the concrete post slots and so needed packing. After a week as they dried out they started to crack, warp and shrink. Awful quality and never again."

by nas355, 3 days ago10 responses

"The a£140 annual fee is extortionate and does not represent value for money in terms of avios points awarded. The staff are unhelpful and if you wish to change the account type, you will still be charged the full £140. DO NOT TOUCH THIS CARD WITH A BARGEPOLE!"

by paul_su92, 3 days ago
HSBC Nightmare Beware Your Money Is Not Safe
No customer service beyond a few box ticking exercises

"On the 1st/2nd of April HSBC closed our company bank account in error, that is to say it was closed without any request from us and or our bank manager. Initially this meant that several thousands of our money disappeared for 3 days and some of our suppliers went unpaid. On the 2nd of April the call centre at HSBC refused to help, claiming our bank manager requested the account be closed. Our bank manager denies she asked to have the account closed. A complaint..." more

by Recruitwise, 3 days ago
Rude, unhelpful and thieves
don't pay out, difficult to get a claim through. Crooks.

"I have been with protectyourbubble for nearly 6 years for various devices, currently paying £22 a month for an iPhone and imac for 2 years. I dropped my phone two days ago and the screen smashed. Trying to get it repaired with PYB was a joke- they wouldn't accept the email from customer services at Vodafone because of a spelling mistake- they then accused my of fabricating this email. This was after 3-4 phone calls, each lasting 10-12 minutes, probably around..." more

by Dom8711, 3 days ago
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